The Magic Spell (6/52)

Continuing on Milkshake! this week is the CGI animation series that follows the adventures of three curious chicks – Chiro, Chiko and Chiyo. Together with their pals Charlie the talkative monkey, Ullala the blithe-spirited crocodile and Kuri the playful piglet, the siblings are constantly finding something new to discover in the fascinating square-shaped world around them.

On Monday, the usually trim Kuri eats a mystical fruit which causes his waistline to expand at a frightening rate! Can Chiro and the others halt the terrible side effects of this strange snack?

Tuesday’s instalment is ‘Let’s Share’. Chiro and his friends raid Ullala’s pantry and gorge themselves on treats until the cupboard is bare. What will they do to repay Ullala’s unwitting generosity?

On Wednesday in ‘Hide the Mess!’, Chiro, Chiko and Chiyo run amok in the house while their parents are out shopping. Can they tidy up before Mum and Dad get home?

Thursday’s show is ‘The Postman’. When Kuri and Ullala receive letters in the mail, the three chicks turn green with envy. What can they do to ensure they get some post of their own?

And in Friday’s episode, ‘The Locked Box’, Mum and Dad are keeping something inside a strongbox – and Chiro and his brothers are determined to find out what it is!

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