The Silly Pencil (39/52)

Continuing on Milkshake! this week is the colourful cartoon about a boy whose toy dinosaurs come to life and transport him to a magical land. Whatever problems he encounters in his normal life, Harry can always find solutions with his prehistoric pals in Dino World!

On Saturday, Harry is trying to sketch a castle, but is having trouble getting his pencil to draw a straight line. In the hope that Dino World may offer a solution, Harry and his chums disappear through the bucket and discover a set of ready-made straight lines and the perfect blank space in which to draw a picture! They all work together to render an impressive fortress, but when they step inside the structure, they encounter the mysterious Silly Pencil and mayhem ensues…

In Sunday’s episode, ‘Now You See Me’, Harry is tired of losing at hide-and-seek, so Taury suggests that he try and become invisible. With the help of a special invisibility hat, Harry vanishes, and soon discovers that hide-and-seek is much more fun when nobody can see him! But once he decides to stop being invisible, Harry finds it is difficult to reverse the spell.

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