A Merry Little Christmas!

Daily at 8:00am on five

Coming to Milkshake! this week is a special edition of the delightful preschool animation.

Based on the much-loved picture books by Tony Ross, Little Princess charts the various adventures of a regal little girl full of energy, charm and curiosity about how the world works. This Christmas edition features the vocal talents of Jane Horrocks as our royal heroine, Brian Blessed as Great Uncle Walter and Julian Clary as narrator.

In this special seasonal instalment, it is Christmas Day and everyone at the castle is busy preparing for a festive feast. Everyone that is, except Little Princess. The royal little girl has been given a new sledge by Santa and is eager to try it out –but there is no snow on the ground! Surely frolicking in the snow is the whole point of Christmas?

Before long, the princess gets her wish and there is a thick blanket of fluffy snow all over the castle grounds. However, Little Princess then discovers that her favourite uncle –Great Uncle Walter – may not be able to make it for dinner because of the wintry weather! Realising that Christmas is only truly complete with all her loved ones together, the princess puts her new toy aside and helps everyone else with the preparations. But will Walter manage to find his way through the snow?

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