Episode 3

Sunday, 14 December 2008, 7:00PM – 8:00PM on ITV1

The end of term show is coming up and everyone is in the throes of rehearsals. Canteen girl Ronnie (Sophie Powles) can see the hard work all the students are putting in and is desperate to join in. For months now, she has tried to be one of the gang, with varying success. Ronnie yearns to be one of the cool kids, but sometimes feels like she’s invisible.

After her help gets knocked back, Ronnie confides in Jez (Matthew James Thomas) – she auditioned for Britannia High but didn’t get in, so instead she took a job in the school canteen in the vain hope she would be noticed and offered a place. As she explains how she’s desperate to reapply next year, Jez is touched by her honesty and vows to help her get in and offers to assist with her audition piece.

When Jez sees Ronnie perform, however, he can see why she didn’t get in the school – she’s awful. Unable to break her heart by telling her the truth, he lies that she’s doing well. Ronnie is delighted and, full of confidence, decides to audition for the end of year show. Jez tries to dissuade her but stops short of telling her the truth and has to watch as Ronnie humiliates herself in front of the whole school at her audition.

Ronnie realises that Jez hasn’t been honest with her and angrily demands to know what he really thinks. Cornered, Jez is forced to reveal that she has no performance talent causing Ronnie to run off distraught. Jez feels terrible when he discovers Ronnie has decided to leave the school, he tries to stop her and follows her to the train station but is too late and arrives as the train is leaving. Gutted, he turns to head home, not seeing Ronnie sitting on the opposite platform in tears.

Later, Jez is sat at home feeling terrible, when there is a knock on the door. He’s surprised to see Ronnie standing there looking extremely positive. She’s decided not to go home, she may not be a performer but she’s going to make it in the business one way or another. Jez is delighted and as they hug he promises to be there for her, whatever she decides to do.

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