Final 2 Episodes

Sunday 7th December at 12:00 and 12:30pm
Monday 8th December at 6:30pm
Tuesday 9th December at 6:30pm

The documentary series following daily life at Britain’s biggest zoo concludes this week.

Chester Zoo is home to 7,000 animals from 400 species and is visited by more than a million people each year. The zoo has some of the most experienced keepers in the business, working alongside a dedicated veterinary team with a fully equipped animal hospital on-site.

With so many animals in residence, a new baby is born at the zoo nearly every day. Keepers and their young charges often develop close bonds, as is the case with Rafters, a giraffe who has been hand-reared since birth. It is all in a day’s work for the vets and nurses based at the zoo’s Animal Health Centre –who sometimes admit to knowing more about the animals in their care than members of their own family. The series is narrated by actress Sarah Lancashire.

It is a stressful day for the keepers and vets at Chester Zoo on Monday. Samara, a 14ft-tall giraffe, must be anaesthetised for an operation. Getting her to the floor and back on her feet again safely calls for a massive team effort and great expertise. Will the procedure go smoothly?

In the final episode of the series on Tuesday , head keeper Alan gets news about Tejas, the lion cub he reared by hand. Samara the giraffe is loaded into a trailer for the journey to her new home. And the rhino team prepares for the birth of Kitani’s baby.

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