Let’s Go to Africa (51/52)

Saturday and Sunday at 7:00am on five

The colourful cartoon about a boy whose toy dinosaurs come to life and transport him to a magical land concludes. Whatever problems he encounters in his normal life, Harry can always find solutions and no end of adventures with his prehistoric pals in Dino World!

On Saturday, Harry wants to exhibit something exciting at the school show-and-tell day, so he takes a balloon ride through Dino World to see what he can find. He and the Dinos collect many weird and wonderful things, from a didgeridoo to a statue of Ellie Phanta – the greatest dancer in the world. By the time they get home, they have a treasure trove full of souvenirs and Harry is spoilt for choice!

The last episode of the series is ‘Where’s My Penguin?’ on Sunday. Harry and the gang return to the skies in their hot air balloon in search of Harry’s missing paper penguin. Along the way, they meet Tatsu the dragon, who points them in the direction of the Penguin Pole. But the paper penguin proves to be more elusive than his feathered friends and he flies out of sight just as Harry arrives. Will our hero ever catch up with his avian pal?

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