Magic Belt (38/52)

Continuing on Milkshake! this week is the CGI animation that follows the adventures of three curious chicks – Chiro, Chico and Chess. Together with their pals Charlie, Ullala and Kuri, the siblings are constantly finding something new to discover in the fascinating square-shaped world around them.

On Saturday, Kuri wishes he were a hero, so Charlie gives him a magic belt. However, Kuri realises he doesn’t need magic to be brave.

On Sunday, in ‘The Three Wishes’, a bug gives Chiro a magic stone that grants him three wishes.

Monday’s instalment is ‘I Want to Win’. Chiro finds a new game but cheats w13hen Chico’s back is turned. Will he learn the error of his ways?

In ‘The Other Kuri’ on Tuesday, an identical pig to Kuri falls out of the sky. The new pig is mistaken for Kuri by his friends, who think he must be ill because he doesn’t recognise them!

Wednesday’s show is ‘The Lollipop Goblin’. Chiro, Chess and Chico lie about eating all the lollipops that Mum and Dad have brought them.

On Thursday, Chiro and friends learn to make music using everyday objects, in ‘Playing Music’.

And on Friday, in ‘I Want to Be Like Dad’, Chico sets about helping his dad in everything he does.

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