Princess Chess - Episode 45

Daily at 7:10

Concluding on Milkshake! this fortnight is the CGI animation that follows the adventures of three curious chicks –Chiro, Chico and Chess.

Together with their pals Charlie, Ullala and Kuri, the siblings are constantly finding something new to discover in the fascinating square-shaped world around them.

On Saturday, Chess wants to be a princess, but she soon becomes too big for her boots.

On Sunday, in ‘Chess is Cross’, Chess discovers she cannot jump as far as her more nimble brothers.

Monday’s show is ‘The Surprise Present’. The chicks put their feathery heads together to come up with the perfect gift for Mum and Dad’s anniversary.

In ‘Ullala’s Present’ on Tuesday, the savvy crocodile shows the siblings how to recycle their old toys into exciting new ones!

Wednesday’s instalment is ‘I’m Telling Mum’. When Chess tells tales on her brothers, they refuse to keep her company in the playground.

On Thursday, Ullala mixes up a potion designed to improve Charlie’s terrible memory in ‘Dancing Charlie’. But the greedy monkey guzzles the liquid down before Ullala adds all the ingredients!

On Friday, in ‘Come to the Party’, Kuri’s feelings are hurt when he does not receive an invitation to Chiro, Chico and Chess’s party.

The final episode on the following Saturday is ‘Where’s Chiro?’. Chiro has been very clumsy and spoiled Chess’s picture. He has also broken Mum and Ullala’s favourites vases. But when he runs off and hides, everyone starts to get worried.

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