Saturday 22nd –Friday 28th November

Continuing on Milkshake! this week is the CGI animation that follows the adventures of three curious chicks –Chiro, Chico and Chess.

Together with their pals Charlie, Ullala and Kuri, the siblings are constantly finding something new to discover in the fascinating square-shaped world around them.

On Saturday, Chiro is trying to get some shut-eye, but his pesky siblings keep disturbing him.

On Sunday in ‘The Balloon’, Chiro’s impatience lands him in trouble when he inspects Ullala’s new hot-air balloon a bit too closely. After he jumps into its basket, the flying machine suddenly takes flight!

Monday’s instalment is ‘The Dinosaur’. Chiro and his pals discover a giant footprint in the earth. Could it possibly have been made by a real dinosaur?

On Tuesday in ‘The Jar’, Chiro shatters Mum’s beautiful ornamental jar. His buddy Charlie steps in to save the day.

Wednesday’s show is ‘Cakes for Kuri’. The chicken siblings put some delicious cakes in a basket to take to Kuri as a gift. But when they reach Kuri’s house, they realise they have lost the basket!

In Thursday’s episode, ‘The Camera’, Chiro snaps some pictures using Charlie’s camera.

And on Friday in ‘The Lost Doll’, Chiro loses Chess’s favourite toy.

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