Sunday, 7 December 2008, 6:30PM - 7:30PM on ITV1

Sunday, 7 December 2008, 6:30PM – 7:30PM on ITV1

Lola (Rana Roy) is in love. The only problem is the object of her desire is dance mentor Stefan (Adam Garcia). Lola secretly fantasises about hot dates and passionate embraces with him. Her only confidante is her diary, where her teenage imagination knows no limits. Stefan, for his part, is completely innocent but has taken a shine to Lola and offers to give her some additional one to one dance coaching. Loved-up Lola can’t believe her luck.

As they work together, Lola and Stefan connect. Lola’s passion for dance reminds Stefan of himself at her age. When Stefan suggests they continue to chat about dance over a coffee, Lola is beside herself. Her fantasy is coming true – Stefan fancies her too.

Jez and BB catch Lola writing another diary entry. They, of course, can’t resist stealing her diary when she’s not looking. At first amused by the ramblings of loony Lola, their jaws hit the floor when they read about her relationship with Stefan. The boys confide in the others about Lola’s diary. Lauren defends Lola – they had no right to invade her privacy. Most are ready to dismiss the contents as Lola’s vivid imagination, but BB wonders if it actually might be true.

The gang watch Lola and Stefan closely. They follow them to the café where Lola and Stefan go for coffee. They see them chatting intimately, and when Stefan gives Lola a hug they put two and two together and make five.

Although they think it’s kind of cool to be dating a teacher, especially a hotty like Stefan, the friends decide to speak to Lola about it. Lola daren’t admit to her friends that it’s all in her head, so instead elaborates on what they’ve seen and read. A more mature BB is concerned, and decides to have it out with Stefan. When he hears what he’s being accused of, Stefan angrily confronts Lola, who breaks down and admits the truth.

Having calmed down, Stefan talks things through with a mortified Lola. He tells her not to feel foolish and, treating her with sensitivity, admits he’s flattered she thinks so highly of him. Lola wishes they could be together, and asks him if he weren’t her teacher whether he might fancy her a little bit. Stefan’s slightly flustered by the question, but Lola’s insistent and Stefan ends up admitting her does like her, but could never cross that line. Lola accepts what he’s saying and the two agree to put the incident behind them. Buoyed up by Stefan, Lola finds the courage to admit to her friends that she made the whole thing up. BB, for one, is hugely relieved.

Lola tries her best, but she can’t get Stefan out of her head. What’s worse is the fact that it’s now clear Stefan feels the same. Eventually, despite their best intentions, the two end up kissing briefly. Lola is on cloud nine, having finally won the man of her dreams. She’s soon devastated however when Stefan tells her that he is resigning his job. He’s appalled with himself for crossing a line, and knows he has to leave before things go any further. Lola is devastated to lose her first love so soon, but Stefan advises her that it’s for the best. Before he leaves, he asks Lola for one last dance – they may not be able to be together, but nobody can stop them dancing together.

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