The Christmas Milkshake! Show

Sunday 21st December at 9:20am on five

Fresh on Five this week a seasonal edition of the fun-filled show fronted by Milkshake! regulars Naomi Wilkinson, Kemi Majeks, Beth Evans, Jen Pringle and Derek Moran. As a very special gift to young viewers, the gang celebrates the peace and goodwill of Christmas with a song and dance spectacular packed with Yuletide cheer!

Showcasing the talents of the presenters themselves, The Christmas Milkshake! Show features two original songs by Naomi and Kemi with choreography by Naomi and Beth. For those looking for more traditional tunes, there are recitals of several carols including ‘Silent Night’, ‘Away in a Manger’, ‘Little Donkey’ and ‘We Three Kings’.

All the time-honoured Christmas customs play a role, as the friends festoon the Milkshake! house with decorations, prepare a festive feast and pull Christmas crackers. After they regale each other with a few jokes, the pals enjoys a winter workout to burn off excess energy.

No Christmas Day would be complete without a visit to loved ones, so Jen, Derek and their pets, Milky and Shake, stop by the children’s ward of King’s Mill Hospital in Nottingham to ask the young patients if they have ever spotted Father Christmas and his reindeer!

For a glimpse into the Christmas memories of the Milkshake! presenters, there is a brand new animation featuring them as small children playing different characters in a nativity play. Have they changed much since they were four years old?

The Christmas Milkshake! Show culminates in a dynamic gospel-style performance of ‘Go Tell It on the Mountain’, that sees Naomi, Kemi, Beth, Jen and Derek transformed by the magic of Christmas!

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