Ullala’s Secret (24/52)

Continuing on Milkshake! this week is the CGI animation that follows the adventures of three curious chicks –Chiro, Chico and Chess.

Together with their pals Charlie, Ullala and Kuri, the siblings are constantly finding something new to discover in the fascinating square-shaped world around them.

On Saturday, Chiro and his friends discover that Ullala is planning a surprise for them.

On Sunday in ‘The Camping Trip’, the little pals want to go camping –but rain may be on the way. Should they continue with their plans?

Monday’s instalment is ‘The Magic Jar’. Chiro turns Kuri into a piglet with Ullala’s magic jar. How will
Chiro change him back again?

On Tuesday in ‘Chiro Runs Fast’, Chiro discovers what his special talent is when he has to rescue a friend in trouble.

Wednesday’s show is ‘Chiro’s Dream’. While on a camping trip, Chiro sees a shooting star. On a quest to find out where it landed, he meets an array of weird and wonderful characters.

In Thursday’s episode, ‘Cheering Up Mum’, Chiro, Chico and Chess break their mother’s vase. How will they make it up to her?

And on Friday in ‘I Wish I Was Chess’, Chiro disguises himself as his sister to get more attention.

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