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The documentary series following daily life at Britain’s biggest zoo continues. Chester Zoo is home to 7,000 animals from 400 species and is visited by more than a million people each year.

The zoo has some of the most experienced keepers in the business, working alongside a dedicated veterinary team with a fully equipped animal hospital on-site.

With so many animals in residence, a new baby is born at the zoo nearly every day. Keepers and their young charges often develop close bonds, as is the case with Rafters, a giraffe who has been hand-reared since birth. It is all in a day’s work for the vets and nurses based at the zoo’s Animal Health Centre –who sometimes admit to knowing more about the animals in their care than members of their own family. The series is narrated by actress Sarah Lancashire.

On Monday, unseasonable weather creates problems in the flamingo enclosure over May Bank Holiday weekend. Elsewhere, senior keeper Belinda Porter devises a cunning plan to get Strolch the bear to take his medicine. And Norman the Komodo dragon goes on a dinner date with his new lady friend.

In Tuesday’s instalment, an orthopaedic surgeon tends to Isobel the deer’s broken leg. The weather continues to wreak havoc at flamingo HQ. And now that Kitani the black rhino is with child, her usual routine needs a shake-up.

On Wednesday, the moment of truth has arrived for Strolch. Has pioneering eye surgery restored his vision? And there is good news regarding Sheba the elderly elephant.

On Thursday, baby giraffe Margaret returns to the herd after an illness. Meanwhile, a rare macaw departs for a new life abroad. And keepers struggle to catch a colony of bats.

And on Friday, a hot-headed crocodile shows his displeasure when he is transferred to a new compound. The cheetahs get a newfangled toy. And the jaguars tuck into an ice lolly feast.

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