Episode 2

Friday, 16 January 2009, 9:00PM on ITV1

In the lockup, as bodies are taken away, McGill and Connor recap to Walker the whole business of inducing liquid cocaine into plywood screens and delivering them to the UK. Back at base Walker confronts the team with the fact that they have to find Imogen before Hikmet does. They need to know where and who she might run to. Imogen is arriving in a cab at the lockup, seeing the gawkers, cops and morgue vans. She tries to stay calm as she gets the cab to turn around.

Connor needs to find and bring in Hikmet. McGill is playing the long game. That means finding Hikmet and tracking him to get to his distribution network. To find Hikmet, they have to find Imogen. Walker splits the investigation in two – and sends Connor to work with McGill. Something that may only fuel the sexual tension between them.

Walker puts a call into Imogen, leaving messages asking her to call. He knows he’s been taken in by her. A press conference appeal is broadcast by Tanya, asking her to come in. She has holed herself in a hotel, lying low. Imogen calls Hikmet, requesting a meeting, before attempting to board a plane. However, she’s made at the counter, and flees.

At the drug squad HQ, Connor is given the cold treatment by the team. So far as to hide details of their ongoing investigation from her, a wall of silence. In her frustration, Connor intercepts a call from McGill’s informant, about the whereabouts of Hikmet. Connor takes the message herself, and meets Christine, convincing her that McGill says it’s ok
Christine tells her that Hikmet has threatened her that morning, asking where Clem is. She overhears the call from Imogen, and about their arrangement to meet.

Connor tells Walker and they arrange to be at the meet, without involving McGill. The stakeout is arranged. Hikmet is watched as he approaches. All the police in position. However, before anyone can move, Imogen, at the wheel her car. Her foot’s hard on the gas and she’s not going to stop until she’s mown down the man who killed Sebastian, the man who would kill her if she gave him chance. A sick thud of metal and bone and Hikmet is thrown over the windscreen. Hikmet survives, just, and is charged with murder in his hospital bed.

Despite her denials about the drug deal, the circumstantial evidence surrounding is mounting up. Under intense questioning from Walker and Satch, she is close to breakdown. Finally, she signs a witness statement, acknowledging her part in the drug import deal, and will testify against Hikmet which in turn is bad news for the drug squad. All their informants have gone silent, something has got them spooked. Christine has gone missing. McGill fears the worst. So does Connor. The worst appears to be true, Christine has been beaten within an inch of her life.

McGill knows what Connor has done, what line she has crossed. Connor left her exposed and vulnerable, with no protection. Imogen withdraws her agreement to testify.

At Sebastian’s funeral, Walker talks with Imogen. He’s worked out that she is worried she could be charged with causing Sebastian’s death by withholding his medication, causing his seizure. And it was that which killed him, not the gunshot from Hikmet. That’s what haunts and frightens her.

McGill is threatening to make a formal complaint against Connor, something in her heart she knows he has every right to do. Full of remorse, she talks to McGill. She even volunteers to surrender her badge.

He reminds her that it’s not the badge that matters, but the heart behind it.

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