Tuesday, 20 January 2009, 8:00PM on ITV

ITV style experts Trinny and Susannah return to screens in a brand new series with a twist – Trinny and Susannah Meet Their Match.

Faced with an exciting new challenge, they are tasked with applying their style expertise to three groups or ‘tribes’ whose outward appearance reflects a specific, collective identity – dog lovers, sex bombs and country ladies.

But before they can start making any changes, the tables are turned and – after 15 years of styling the nation – Trinny and Susannah must allow themselves to be restyled.

The girls meet a shining example of each group and spend 24 hours in their life – living with them, getting to know them, taking part in their activities and, yes, dressing like them to understand why they dress the way they do.

In programme two, Trinny and Susannah take on two very different factions within the doggie brigade – the breeders and big dog owners, always covered in dog hairs and drool who spend all their free time walking and training their dogs, and, at the other end of the spectrum, ladies who love to show dogs, spend hours grooming them and pride themselves on having outfits to match their pampered pooches.

As with the previous episode, Trinny and Susannah have been kept in the dark about what group of women they will be meeting. But, as they arrive at the big top where they are to meet their tribes, the sound of barking gives the game away.

“Dogs! It’s dogs! It’s dogs!” screams Trinny.

Meeting the owners, and their dogs, Trinny reflects: “The thing about dog lovers is that they love dogs more than anything else in the world.”

But before they can get to work, Trinny and Susannah need to understand what it is to be an extreme dog lover. And to become a real inhabitant of this world, you need a dog.

Susannah learns that bald is beautiful when she is presented with Woody, a five-year-old Hairless Chinese Crested, and is made over by 53-year-old dog show champion Linda – joining the ranks of the well groomed show girls.

Linda says: “Your dogs, sort of, are part of you. And so what you would probably like [to wear], secretly, you like to dress them in it.”

While Susannah gets a make over, complete with shocking blue eyeliner, Trinny is getting a make under by 42-year-old gun dog trainer, Claire.

Claire explains: “The dogs don’t really care what you look like. And you’re usually covered in mud so I suppose I don’t really care what I pull on in the morning.”

Having presented Trinny with eight-year-old Labrador Nimbus, Claire informs Trinny that she has 30 dogs at home. The home in which Trinny will be spending the next 24 hours.

Emerging fresh faced from her make over, Claire never wears any make-up, Trinny is the picture of fleece covered country casual – in stark contrast to Susannah who is dressed head to toe in luminous pink and leopard print.

Observing Susannah’s new look, Trinny concludes: “There’s a part of you that could be, sort of, slutty Bette Midler.”

Arriving in Northampton to stay with leopard print loving Linda, Susannah meets Linda’s long-suffering partner, Steve.

Steve says: “I have to admit, a lot of the time I feel second best to the dogs. Maybe I should grow a waggy tail and a wet nose.”

In Shropshire, Trinny is about to move in with Claire, but there’s something she hasn’t told her about the sleeping arrangements.

Claire currently lives in a caravan, and the dogs live there too.

The caravan isn’t the only shock in store for Trinny. A glance at Claire’s wardrobe, a few shelves which share their cupboard space with a dog blanket and cage, leaves Trinny almost lost for words.

“I’m sorry Claire”, she exclaims, “I’ve never seen a wardrobe like it.”

It’s a far cry from the more glamorous life Claire led in the eighties. She recalls: “I had my hair done once a fortnight, manicures once a week, but then I led a very different life.”

The pressures of city life led Claire to escape to the country. And to the dogs.

“I do hide behind the dogs”, admits Claire, “They look immaculate, everything about them is immaculate, and really I’m letting them down.”

Trinny is relieved to learn that she isn’t sleeping in the sitting room with the dogs – she has her own caravan with Nimbus.

Claire says: “I think if Trinny had been still dressed as we first met, and I had been dressed as I am, I think that would have put up a natural boundary. I think by both of us being dressed as full dog people, it’s put us on a par.”

The following morning Trinny is woken by an over-excited Nimbus and a choir of dogs outside.

“I can sort of understand having dogs for company instead of men”, reasons Trinny, “It’s unconditional love, you are totally in control of it.”

Back in Northampton, Susannah is roused from under her leopard print sheets to feed Lisa’s seven dogs – who are all individually spoon fed.

Later, as they walk the dogs, Susannah ponders what process of breeding could have created Linda’s canine companions, saying: “Maybe it was a dog and a rat?”

“You are cruel”, retorts Linda, “That’s like me talking about one of your children.”

While Trinny is in her element learning the basics of dog training from Claire, Susannah is shocked to discover that Linda grooming routine extends to squeezing her dog’s spots.

Looking through Linda’s wardrobe, Susannah reflects on the practicalities of dressing someone who lives to show dogs.

“I want to make this work for you”, she tells Linda, “And you’re going to win Crufts because of it.”

Back in Shropshire, Trinny has gone through Claire’s wardrobe and discovered that she has only four functioning outfits.

She tentatively suggests: “You’ve had a tough time and dogs have been your salvation. But to me, I don’t believe ultimately that you’re so happy.”

“No, maybe I’m not,” concedes Claire.

As Trinny leaves to prepare to take back the style reins, Claire muses: “I hope that Trinny’s got something out of it too though. I hope she realises that you can be more relaxed about things. I think we can morph. Sorry Trinny.”

Before Trinny and Susannah can change the dog lovers clothes, they have to look at the ones they’re already wearing. So both doggy factions are invited to a catwalk to be analysed, and analyse each other.

While Trinny attempts to convince the big dog owners that there are practical, feminine alternatives to t-shirts and trainers, Susannah tries to tone down the show girls.

She tells them: “Seeing you lot together, I can see how you could invite nastiness and ridicule.

Determined to find clothes that will work for both group’s lifestyles, Trinny and Susannah take Claire and Linda out shopping to test their ideas for doggy practicality.

But when Claire attempts some commands in her new outfit she find herself in need of a dog – so Trinny steps up to the task, obediently returning shoe in mouth.

Claire exclaims: “I can’t believe I’ve got Trinny on camera being a dog.”

Trinny and Susannah gather the two doggy factions together for a final event to put their new looks to the ultimate test. Trinny and Susannah’s dog show where, as the show judge and compere announces: “The world of doggy meets the world of bitchy.”

But can these dog lovers be taught some new tricks?

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