Episode 653

Thursday, 1 January 2009, 8:00PM – 9:00PM on ITV1

PCs Tony Stamp (Graham Cole) and Millie Brown (Clare Foster) have a startling beginning to the New Year when homeless man George (Paul Prescott) alerts them to the badly beaten body of Amanda Phelps. Once Amanda is in hospital, Tony interviews George who clearly knows Amanda and has a great affection for her.

DI Samantha Nixon (Lisa Maxwell) and DC Jacob Banks (Patrick Robinson) go to Amanda’s home where they find her husband, Jeff (Christopher Timothy), caring for their young daughter. Jeff is horrified by the news and tells the officers that he stayed at home the previous night while Amanda went out with her friend Annie Denniston (Elly Fairman). Annie reveals that she and Amanda were in a club together and Amanda ended up arguing with her ex-boyfriend, Dan Colman (Duncan James), before leaving the club.

DC Terry Perkins (Bruce Byron) and Banksy head to the gym where Dan is recruiting for his kick boxing classes. Dan seems genuinely shocked when told about the attack, but tells the officers that he has a solid alibi for Amanda’s attack, as he spent the night with a married woman.

The case develops further when forensic evidence shows DNA under Amanda’s nails, belonging to creditor Con Walker. After digging deeper, Samantha and Banksy discover Amanda owes a huge amount of money to Con, which her husband knows nothing about. Con is interviewed and tells the officers that Amanda turned up at his house the night before, saying she would sleep with him in order to pay off the debt. Jeff is stunned when told about the turn of events but is adamant Amanda would do no such thing.

The investigation becomes more frustrating when three people end up in the frame for Amanda’s attack and officers are shocked when they discover what really happened.

Last edited: Friday, 28 November 2008

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