Series Finale

Saturday, 20 December 2008, 5:30PM – 6:35PM on ITV1

In typical Britannia High style, there’s as much fun and mayhem going on backstage as there is onstage, particularly for Lauren (Georgina Hagen) whose test results for MS have arrived. If Lauren does have MS, then this could be the last time she ever performs. As if that’s not enough for her to deal with, there’s also the matter of whether Danny (Mitch Hewer) will choose her over Claudine (Sapphire Elia).

Like most guys, Danny would rather have his cake and eat it, but there’s little chance of that with both ladies in his life piling on the pressure for him to choose between them. Elsewhere, Jez (Matthew James Thomas) is confronted by a blast from the past, while BB (Marcquelle Ward) faces up to a future without his family, and Lola (Rana Roy) receives the shock of her life, when Stefan (Adam Garcia) returns.

With incredible musical performances, amazing choreography and a roller-coaster ride of drama and comedy, the Britannia High series finale promises to be utterly unmissable.

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