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Swiss law allows assisted suicide. The only restriction being that there is “no selfish motive” for the death.

For this poignant documentary, Oscar®-winning director John Zaritsky was given exclusive access to Swiss organisation Dignitas, the only establishment in the world which can legally help you to die. Zaritsky documents two compelling but controversial personal stories in this emotionally-charged film. Craig Ewert, a 59-year-old sufferer of motor-neurone disease, has decided he wants a dignified death, rather than the long, painful, but natural, death he is facing. Zaritsky follows his story as he travels to Zurich to meet with Dignitas.

George and Betty Coumbias are a couple in there 70s. George has a deteriorating heart condition and has been given only a few years to live. He wants to take his own life before his health and quality of living deteriorate. But Betty, who is in perfect health, wants to die with her husband. Their case is explained by human rights lawyer Ludwig Minelli, who believes they should both be able to choose to die together. With moral dilemmas, pain, emotion and death, this ground-breaking film asks the question: should we be allowed to choose when we die?

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