Character Bio - Earl Kelly played by Reece Noi

Earl Kelly, new character, played by Reece Noi

Earl is ten months Marley’s junior and is in year 11. They share the same father, but there are significant differences between the two of them – whereas Marley is just a damaged kid from a chaotic background, Earl is a borderline psychopath. He’s quieter than Marley but commands respect amongst his peers – most of whom fear him – and his blatant sexuality wins him many admirers of both sexes, including Maxine Barlow.

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  • shannon

    i luvv earl kelly he a hottie i wont to meet yu ome timee i wish

  • molly grace

    Earl kelly is a fittyyyy!!!!!!!!!

    iiii luvvvvv himmmm

    luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv yaaaaa loadssss bbe wanna see yaaa ii doooo realllyyyyy yourr deadddddd fittt and sexyyyy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • molly grace

    hyaa bb your welll afittyy andd obvios sexyyyy Earl kellyyy yourrrr fittttt bbe x luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvyaaaa loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • NoreenNaheed

    hiya earl are yu okay i love yu n ur well gd at waterloo road i will like ur autograph

  • NoreenNaheed

    hiya earl is me again are yu single

  • NoreenNaheed

    cn i hv ur number plz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx “)

  • NoreenNaheed

    hiyaaa earl cn u email me anytime yu want babe xxxxxxxx

  • mollygrace

    hiy earl

  • Livvyy Rudd

    Reece Noi you are fit as fuck baybee.
    Add me gawjuss :P,
    Id lovee to meet youu some timee 😀
    Lmaoo x

  • Earl Haters ;)

    Your brothers fitterrrrr 😉 SKANK 😛
    Hows your lil Dezel?

    suckerrrrrrrrrr 🙂

  • sophiejaynebailey<3

    heya earl…

    or shud i say reece noi…

    binn wachinn ya n want ya 😉

    wrt ta me on mi msn at

  • Anonymous

    ooooft, i want reece in my bed 😉
    add meee x

  • Anonymous

    erm.. earl kelly’s like twenty one..
    stop bothering him 😛
    i doubt he’s a pedo 😀

  • Gabbiiee

    Ohhh Myy Goshh Reece Yurr Ass Fitt Ass F***…Yuur Greatt Inn WaterrLoo Roadd Honestt Butt I Thinkk Yuu Shudd Bee Inn Itt All Forr Thee Wholee Hourr Lool… Cntt Waitt Till Nxtt Wednesdayy Att 8.00 Justt 2 See U Lol … Luvv Yaa x =]

  • Becca Heath

    Heyy Reece , Arggg You So Phit (: Your Proberly Like Too Old For Me 🙁 But , Ill Just Have To Admire You on The tv Wont I . i LOVE Your Accent :O Phitayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy IloveYou Sooooo MUCH .i Would Love Too meet you , or chatt to you some time , in waterloo road your such a Badman , Haha couldnt think of any other wayy , but anyways write back Love Youuu xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • beccy?

    reece noi, i want bad boy 😉 <3

  • Reece Noi

    Hey Thanks would love to chat some time add my email . mabe we can hook up . reece x

  • Becca Heath

    Hey Reece Is Chatting (:

  • Reece Noi

    Yea thast right babes .x

  • Reece Noi

    how did you ladys ( i hope no men here ? ) find this websuite i come on here like 24/7, well in my 3 time shold be shooting more tv programs soon gonna be in joey they said hopefully i am ( yn) thingers crossed . reece x

  • Becca Heath

    Searched Ya Babes (: Wow i Love Watching Joeyy x && Youu

  • Reece Noi

    anyways im off nice talking to you becca 😉 we will talk on msn yeahh , ladys unfortinatly i wont be on for another 2 weeks sorry x

  • Becca Heath

    Okiee Cyaa Soon Reece ,Like Youu Sed We Will Chat On Msn 😀 LOVE YOU XXXX

  • Emiliee Kruse

    omfg. I was jus like, watchin Waterloo Road and reece ur a stunna mate xxx. From day one you had me gaggin lol.
    Hope ur enjoyin all ya eps.
    Luv ya xx
    Emiliee xxx

  • susi nanxt

    alryt Reece ope ya snd..lukin fit in waterloo road propa badman in it ay ya..
    neyway stay safe in abit

  • susi nanxt

    alryt Reece ope ya snd..lukin fit in waterloo road propa badman in it ay ya..
    neyway stay safe in abit

  • Anonymous

    Hey Reece, Add Me On MSN, It’s, I Think Your Great In Waterloo Road, Would Love To Chat Sometime x

  • Amie

    i love you earl..omg ….ive cried looking at ya on tv bbe i hope i can meet you one day……:D
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<3..Init please give me you number..Lol???

  • jesse cooper

    hey baby cakes u is the hot hehe i love u loads add me on msn xxx lyl xxx

  • chanesse =]

    is this really reece lool !? if so omfg fit i luv a badman lol mmm 😛 :L:L

  • Dani bbz xox

    hello sexy boy 🙂
    omg you are fit as
    add me on msn please reece its
    omg ure sooo great in waterloo road i wudnt mind being maxine lol ha ha 😉
    we have to chat wen ure online
    well please add me reece
    loveee youpp babes xxxx
    w.b xxx

  • karen

    hiyyyah omg u r so fit!!!!!!! i might see u 1 day coz im an actor i wud lv that mmmmmm god i love you mee!!!!!!!!! add me plz on msn its n hav u got facebook? xxxxxxxx

  • karen

    n plz wil u leave me ur addy plz then i can talk to u plz lvya lv karen x x x x x x x x x

  • karen

    eya huk up wif meee u wil hav more fum wif meee hahahaha xxxx

  • Anonymous

    yes reece ladd ..
    wats yer msn ?
    yhu act well in waterloo road ..
    write bak

  • charlene

    hiya lv,listen i think your cool
    dont love u of like the rest of the gals on here but i would like to chat to you are you on facebook?

  • molly grace

    hyaaa bbe pleaseee giveee mee yourrr addieeee!!!! ii lovee youuu yourrr a fittyyyy andd a hottieeee x x x

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  • LIBBY:d

    your fit

  • molly grace

    hyaaa bbe pleaseee givee mee your addieee youu wouldddd luveee mee likee i loveeeee youu bbeeeeeeeeeeee x x x x x x x x x xx x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

  • Bum Ting Diamondz

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! REECE bbz U R SO POE (FIT) :D. U PLAY A WKD BADBOI N WATERLOO RD. ONESTLY u r sooo fit. u play a well gud role, n it suits u bein a bwad boi n dat. buh oh my dais. i have to wait till wednesday just 2 c ya agen. n i will watch n watch.

    love ya loads bbz
    Bum ting diamonds XxxxxX

  • Emma

    Hey Gawjuss :)x
    Your Soo Good On Waterloo Road, Well Done;)

  • emma

    Ohh yeh add ma msn if ya can : x

  • Anonymous

    omg i lurrvvvvv mr kellyy or reece noi omg yyrrrr megga fit ns smexxii nd lush nd smexii nd fit nd lush lol

  • france

    OMG reece ur 2 sexy de only reason
    i watch waterloo rd is 4 u most of de tym!!!:P
    ur such a gd actor
    i reli wana meet u
    w.b Xxx

  • Anonymous

    Eeeeep, your fit : D
    What’s your msn??


    reece u are so fit and i mean fit u are the fittest person i av eva seen innit i only watch waterloo road for u i would lv to be maxine add me on msn plz babe i cant get my mind off u got loadz of pictures ov u n tht lol hope we could chat n tht plz tlk to me bk sxy u are 1 fitt person n playin bad man suits u u are well fit love u sxy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


    u are so fit the only reason i watch waterloo rd cuz u r on it i wish i was maxine u are all thts on my mind will u add me on msn plz sxy thank u n then we can get to know each other <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 love u sexy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Krissy

    Ite babe.
    Ur a well gurd actor nd fit aswell.
    Fink waterloo road iz ace especially nah ur init
    Add me on msn if ya can babe
    Nd maybe we can talk nd tha yea
    Speek soon babe

    Krissy Xxx

  • lisa sharkey

    hiya reece im like totally in love wit get so excited on wednesday coz i get to watch u on tv,
    your my screen saver on my fne and laptop
    your totally gawus bbe and i think you should add me on msn=

    love you


  • i think ur well fit 🙂 the eposodes are well good
    add me

  • heyyah babes its julie and cassie ur well fittttxx
    add us on

  • Amy Babee

    your soooo sexy.
    eat me 🙂

  • nell

    helloooo Reece i love watching yooh act on waterloo road i only watch it to see yooh. i wish i could play the part of maxine!!!!! YOUR SOOOOO FIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz comment me bk when yooh can keep up the bad boy act 😉

    love nell

    p.s. add me on msn

  • Sarah Benham

    I LOVE YOU 🙂
    please anszwer, geez you’re good (a)

  • Sarah Benham

    btw my msn is 🙂
    i forgot from the comment below (L).

  • LiiL Wun

    Hi…i fink ur well fit…n da bet yu gota gf n da hehe…ur a gud acter 2 🙂 jz thought if yu wnted 2 ave a chat n da yu can add mi =)

    [x] ur well sexay [x] 😉

  • beckie

    i think ya a real bonnie lad n add me if u can

  • Mia Fielding

    arrrghhhh (: you are gorgeous, & i feekingg lovee you. i watch water loo road forr youuu.

    add mee, 😉

  • Kelllaaayyy

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh your gorgous
    and your mine:)

  • nicole

    add me plz coz ur well fit xXx

  • nicole


  • Danielle

    Your Fiiit!
    I Love You 😀
    Can I Have Your Addy?? xxx

  • Wag1 b (:
    you kool.?
    been watchin waterloo rd and i see your lookin nice..
    add me on msn ennit 🙂
    take care 🙂 x3

  • NoreenNaheed

    hiya earl i lovvvvee yyuuuuuuu ii wanttt 222222 shaaaaggg u any day babe lol lyl

  • joanne

    reece your so amazing i watch waterloo every week.
    your such a good actor you got a top role. keep it up .xx

  • Anonymous

    ouuuuf ur fitt mate lmao
    add moii

  • Anonymous


    OMG I THINK URE THE BEST ACter on the show i watch it everynight and mayteee ure well bummmmmm!!!!!

    I want to marry EARL



  • Hannah ;)

    ILY Reece ;)x

  • Azariiia Jade Luvs Reece Noi x

    OMG yu are de fittest boyy i kno r all i fink bout and i wud do anythin 4 yoo; i want 2 marry you !! plz give me ur msn if u hav it !! :).. it would be a dreamm cum tru ! my msn is ADD ME !! 😉 u are my world; waterloo road wuld b crap if u wernet in it..i only watch it 4 you!
    Plz write bak
    if i had 4ever i wuld giv yoo 10000005784 kisses and EVEN MOREE X
    Dont break mah heart xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Fittest;Dankestt,hottest;sexiiest Boyy evah xxxxx and yah propa gud at actin hunnyy xx

  • karen :(

    reece i wathed water loo road last night it was great:) your live in water loo road just remides me of mine:( but i love watching it to see you:) write bak lv karen x x x x x x x x add me on msn

  • charliie

    hiiya Xx u do no all yor comments gonna scare him lol
    luv ya’s

  • demi.x.x

    omg reece uu aree so fit if uu werent in the program i wouldn`t watch it reece ur all mine ur bummm tingg i always watch waterloo road if i would miss 1 episode of it i would cry mann!! ur so shexi…!!i wish i was maxine i wish i wish i wish ilu so mucchhhhhhhhh !!!!!mr bad boii

    love demi

    p.s sribble bckk

  • demi.x.x

    yh e prob is if e is a badboii e is fiitt tho

  • Azariia

    Babe. Thanks for that MSN addy . Lookin foward 2 talkin 2 yhu; my mate stacey told mee tht you was on at 1.00 am dis mornin..awww i missed you 🙁 x

    anyway ive got 2 go now.

    But i will be on soon

    ILY Reece.x 🙂 so much

    Fromm  Mrs.Noi  loool only kidddin yah mateyy xx

  • Anonymous

    Add Me On Msn Please
    Cheerz Love You X

  • Hiyaa, Dunt Hink Reece would go on this Liek, but just wana write that this lad is absolutly brilliant he is so unbeleivible great 🙂 thee reason i watch waterloo ;)..xoxox.


  • demi.x.x

    omg i bet all these ppl on ere are tarts nd anyway reece is all mineeee ilu reece

  • demi.x.x

    how old aree uu thn haha aree uu a tartt?….

  • KatieLouise (LL)

    OH MY GOH !
    Hes My Babey
    i Swear i LOve Him !(LLL)
    Babeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (LLL)
    Marry Me Lmaooo 😉

  • Abbie Leigh

    Omg, Reece Im In Love With You,
    You Gorgeous,
    ii Wouldnt Mind Having Your Kids And Marrying You Tbh.

    My Dream Is Too Meet You One Day.
    ii Love You Soo Much!

  • Abbie Leigh

    Add Mee Onn Msnnn Pleaseeeee

    Lovee Youuu Soo Fucking Much xxxx

  • antonia

    omg reece iv never seen a better bad boy looker than you,your so del!!!
    i love watchin waterloo road,i lwk forward to watchin it just 2 c ya ur so gawjus!!!
    if ya can add me on msn yeh
    hope to chat to ya swn hun!!!!!

    love ya lots <3 <3 <3

    x x x x x x x x x x x x :p

  • demi.x.x

    omg wenesdays waterloo rd was so sad i am sooo glad u escaped from children thingy omg i was literally cryinn

    love from demi

    xoxoxo scribble bckk sonn xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Charlie :D xx

    Reece is gorgeous 😉
    you have to give me your msn 😀

  • codie x

    omfg every tme i see yu
    yu just get bummah an bummah lmao

  • RangersBabe_x

    do you have msn?
    add me if you do;).
    waterloo road is amazing.
    you're evil character brings more into it;).
    add me please:D.
    write back soon.
    laaav yee<3



  • Anonymous

    his an actor get a life

  • alicia and zoee and allina

    helloo your fit mate you dont understand how sexy you aren oh my god you have to come see me we will do 3 sesh any day mate xx

  • Harriet

    Oh my god i love youu! your so gorgeous, i look forward to watching waterloo road just to see you! ahhh i wantt youuu lol

  • demi.x.x

    omg u aree such tarts man he is fit but its not lyk ur gonna meet nd snog nd tonsil tennis

  • Anonymous

    You are an ugly fucker. Get a life people, he’s a bad actor. Eurgh/

  • france

    hii reece!!!
    ur so gawjus!!
    add my msn
    plz XxXxxx

  • demi.x.x

    no1 can dis reece noi he is the bst actor eva nd sooooo fot ilu reece noi(llllll)

  • nicole

    OMG reece da fittest boy eva av got ya on me fone me msn display pic ,me wallpaper an everyfin ya fuckin bummm giz ya addy plz add me

  • demi.x.x

    mm i am lickin ma lips right now uu aree sooo fit i wish i could meet uu ong uu are the fittest boi i have va none

    scribble bck soon

  • demi.x.x

    mm i am lickin ma lips right now uu aree sooo fit i wish i could meet uu ong uu are the fittest boi i have va none

    scribble bck soon

  • Ryan

    kl blood i rate ya still goin a hecky on the scenes killah

  • Ryan

    yo blood add me on msn

  • bekkaa

    Reece Noi youuu aree so penG x
    i would do you anydayy , x

    add me


  • Becky

    omg reece noi. i love you i honestly do. i would do anything to meet you. i honestly love you. add me x

  • Anonymous

    Hiyaah aww ur so fitt 🙁 ma mates got ur addiw.:(:(

  • AmberLeigh

    OMG, please please please can u add me, am not joking, i love u, ! yes i know its a sad addie, but i have had it since year5, i have been watchingg grange hill for ages and waterloo since u beeen init! xxxx

  • hayleelouise


  • hayleelouise


  • demi.x.x

    Hiyahh m8
    uu aree a stunaa m8 ilu lyk loads
    omg i can`t wait till wednesday

    demi scribble bck soon

  • jade

    OMFG i cant believe it you are soooo gorjus i jus wanna meet ya and i cant wait
    to watch waterloo road again on ma birthday 25th feb please add me it would make my birthday so special to see
    you and have ur addy love ya jade x x x x x x

  • Terri

    Wow ur so fit i love u x iv u have msn can u add me plz love you xxxxxxxx

  • Anonymous

    you are all sad leave hin alone he jsut an actor he just trying do he life like u all are

  • Leanne

    hiyah add me on msn plz

    i think you are fit , buhh im not gona keep on 🙂
    i think uu knoo u r WELL fit 😀

    love leanne

  • Anonymous

    i love your gf

  • kayleigh

    add me please
    cheerz darl x

  • demi.x.x

    hey anonymouse gurl we don`t wanna leave him alone nd we have a life y don`t uu get 1 yaself

    xoxoxoxo scribble bck soon

  • Annabel

    OMG you are the fittest person i have ever known and i hav thought other people were fit but look at uuuuuuuu 🙂
    i seriously cant stop thinkin about you
    i love you in waterloo road and tis the only reason i watch it (:
    add my msn plz its
    p.s i love bad boys 😉

  • Ellie

    btw does he actually add uon this ?

  • Ellie

    does he actually add u ?

  • Anonymous

    omg i can not wait till 2night i can not believe uu aree gonna brake up with maxine tht means tht uu aree all mine lol i just luv u soo muchh

    mm i am lickin ma lips lyk uu aree some feast lol


  • Dannielle

    hi im your biggest fan ever i think your well fit
    heres my msn addy
    If You Have bebo or facebook
    hers my profile name for both dannielleh8 both the same

  • wendyl

    JLS :ILU very much ive asked eoghan if cn hav ur no but he hs not replied nd can i

  • Anonymous

    i think your such a great charachter in waterloo road gonna miss you so much it won’t be the same now your gone. p.s marie loves youuu 🙂 x

  • Anonymous

    i think your such a great charachter in waterloo road gonna miss you so much it won’t be the same now your gone. p.s marie loves youuu 🙂 x

  • Her

    Hiyaa Babe , Youu Probablyy Expectingg Summ Fatt Off Message Bout How Fitt N Shaggable You Are , Butt Thia Is Juust A Small 1 x

    Yourr Baree Fitt V. Shagablee N Ellie Paskell Aint Right For You In Thatt x

    Add Me If YOuu Want

    Probabllyy Wont But Anyway x

    All The Girls Whoo Go Stanlley Fink Yourr BOOM Soo Do Me A Favour N Add Me x

    Theyy Will All B Jelouss x

    Tarr x

    ILY x

  • JemmaaBabee

    heyySexyy,YurrBareeFiit, Trusst MeMann None Off TheesseeeGurlyss Aree Notinkk Comparedd Wiidd Mee,,Iamm aa Badd Gall, LOL, Yurr Sooooo Fitt Allii Evaaa Talkk abwt iss u ,xx xjemmaaaddmyyy msn

  • natasha

    u are all mad. Do u think he will actually read this??? no. hes got better stuff to do so don’t waste your time!!! xx

  • nicole

    will ya still be in waterloo road coz ya goin 2 jail init in da program luv ya xXx

  • Bheckiiyee x

    Omg YOoh Are SoOh Bhum x
    Waterloo Road Was Shiit Buh When Yhuwe COme In Iit Is Sikk
    Ii Watch It Every Wednesday LOol x
    Yhuwe Are SoOh GoOd At Actiing Bad Boy x
    Yhuwe Are ((( Gawjus Fhitt Bhumm Dankkk Fukiin EveryThink)))
    iif Yhuwe Got Msn Add Mee Please
    Luvzz Yhuwe SoOh Much XxxxxxXxxxxxXxxxx

  • Danii<3

    Hello ily YHur The Dankest Boii On Waterloo Rd Buh Tell A Lie So Is Bolton N Dontay Can I Have Yhur Msn Adddy Babes And Is Waterloo Road On Nt WeeK??
    Lyyy PLz Reply :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  • Danii<3

    Hellooo its Danii AGen Lmaoo
    Add It PLz Babes

  • Azariiia Jade Luvs Reece Noi x

    Heloo Bhabeee
    Id DO yuu 😛
    LOL < < Randomm >>
    YUr Fukiin’ Dankerss’
    Ihyee GOt Ur Sisterss Addie n
    Crnt waait 2 Talk 2 herr && yuh
    Sexayy .. XxX

  • demi.x.x

    OMG i reli luv waterloo rd n it ent gonna be the sme when uuare in jaill noo i luv uu 2 bits sum1 tb is waterloo still gonaa be on coz i can not live without waterloo rd nd tht was soo sad when uu shot maxine omg i was crying bless

    tb soon
    cyahh xxxxx

  • Dannii


  • Hope’May


  • Hope’May

  • Hope’May

    Add Meh Babe Ure Propa Fit Mayte ! Live In Manchesta 2 Lol

  • demi.x.x

    lol i luv ya so much uuu aree so bum lol

    i wish i cud marry uu

    demi tb luv ya XxXxXxX

  • Anonymous

    I always loved Waterloo Rd.. but now ur in it I’m in love wid it!! Wow ur soo.. Badd and I luv it and u. dahh last episode made me cry we u got arrested plz add me! You would make me dahh happiest person in dahh world! XD


  • melzy

    ohhhh woow waterloo rd was so sad when buff attack earl kelly shot maxine if earl or maxine has a msn giv it 2 me n add me if ya like!!

    add me i realli wanna meet maxine +earl so if u read dis add me MSN

  • Ellie

    Hiyyahh uu aree gorguuss 😛 xx all mee matesss rekkoonnn urr ugly but shit aree theyy rongg 🙂 go away everyone hess minee lol 😀 does anyonee know hhis addie if you do add me an tell me it omg i lovee himm : X I luurrvvee waterloo roaddd n his bro in the program denzel kelly is fitt too:P xx lol LY XX Add me everyone an iff urr readiin diss reece add me 2 😉 xx btw me names likee ellie paskell haha xx

  • Lauren

    😛 fitness

    reece noi wow mint

    luv im

    i am obsesd haha



  • Becki Miggins

    reece noi is so fit n i thiink if any1 has hiis addy or familys give iit to mee x add me

  • Heylee

    BASICALLY i thinnnk that reece is fucking amazing i love him loads and now waterloo road aint gunnah be the same, 🙁 hope he does come back in it. hes just so HOOOOT. loveehimloads x3

  • shannon hart


  • demi.x.x

    1 more day i can`t wait

  • charley

    hayya my name is charley i am 12 years i go to honely high school and mad over waterloo road my fav people are maxine best person x, earl, janeece, chlo, rose kelly (u have wickedd acsent :), donte, marley, denzil and sambuca kelly i love her so much she well gd.

    i really want your lots msn addys so please add me 🙂
    thanx xxx charley

  • Anonymous

    OMDz waterloo road is the best mateyy Maxine is well gd nd Earl i cried last series :D:D it was well sad wen Earl shot Maxine nd thn Earl gt arrested aww lmao :L:L LOVE WATERLOO ROAD!! its on tonight cant wait :):)

  • demi.x.x

    omg wednesdaiz 1 was well gd where they aree gonna let denzil out aww he is soo gd ppl aree right it was crapp without uu lol

    havee uu got face book
    i ahve i will find uu n add uu plz add me i ahve allredi added ellies paskell lol
    i wish she can add me

    demi NO1 fan
    luv yaa

  • holly

    omg earl kelly{reece noi is wel fit i would get on him any day i think his acting is grate and i love him so much !!! reece add mi on msn pleases x x x

  • holly

    earl kelly can i have your msn addy pleases mines hope to here from u soon and can u tell all of your work mates i love them and i want theres ly x x

  • Louise Jones

    reece i think your gawjus, i love your acting, your such a naughty boy and i love it 😛 ! if you have msn can you please add me on, how old are you by the way? love youu xxxx

  • holly

    earl kelly is 21 years ol d evry one !!!!

  • demi.x.x

    oo oo he minght add me on facebook i have added maxine ellie paskell her pics aree well gd does he go out with her in real life i wanna know lol tb demi xoxoxoxoxo

  • kaylaxX<3

    reece if yu ave msn plz plz plz add me your propa fit i love you sossososososo much xxxx

  • Chloee

    Hiiiiii YOur SO Gawjus 🙂
    Add Me

  • Amy.X-X-X-

    Hi Reece or should i call u Earl by the way i LOVE YOU SO MUCH and i think that YOU ARE SUH A GOOD ACTOR.I thik that you and Maxine are such a good couple and 1 ouitio. Why did YOU shoo Maxine when ll she did was brake up with YOU? I mean come’on YOU are the cutest guy on Watloo Road. And also why did you let your brouther go topriso for somthing that YOU had and did? If YOU have MSN then let ME on it and MY E-mail is if YOU do put my’n on then i will worship YOU for the ret of MY life bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • demi.x.x

    plzzz tx bck we all want ya msn add me on facebook plzzzzzzzz

  • emilee&chelsea

    omg u r fit as can i hav your number and msn we would love to speak 2 u we love you so much and we r missing you lik crazy cant believe ur in prison u made waterloo road fun as i watch it all the time its not the same now ur gone i love you so much babes xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Anonymous

    no he is not u stupid slapper!!!!!




    U R SO HOT AND FUCKIN FIT SHAGG ME IM BEGGIN U I AM THAT DESPRATE I USE A DILDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DONT TELL ANY ONE

  • Shannon and niamh

    plz can u add us on facebook? shannon hutchinson niamh walker plz we luv u xxxxxxx we will be waitin lol x x x

  • nicole

    gud talkin 2 ya on msn reece luv ya loads bbe

  • demi.x.x

    she is right u lil slapper he has a gf y wud he wanna go out with uu gemma nd danni

  • Anonymous

    earl kelly is a freaking phocopah man killing someone hen useing she would not listen as an exuse well i think that is patheic and u people out there that like him do u know if he is not like that in real life face i no everyting is not true !

  • nicole

    reece cum on msn xxxx ya so fit

  • taylor

    hiyaa reece wil u add me on msn only if you want like thnx 😛

  • taylor


  • Amy

    you got it girl go and get hoim because YOU are Gorges.

  • Amy

    How did you know that eney way Reece is for ME and not for you.

  • soph

    hiyya reece your sooooooooooooo fit add me

  • demi.x.x

    i have gone off im he ent tht fit anymore n i know who id girlfriend is soo…

  • Lauren baby x

    wats gd reece aka earl ur a reli gud actor nd i wud jus like to let u kno ur sooo friickin choong man ur a boomting fam …wud luv 2 tlk to u hun nd get to kno u better init bbe add me on msn yh pleasseee ill tell u enyfin u wna kno baby .x.x.x make sure u add it yh

  • lozz

    i luv u to bits plz reply luv ya lodes X X X

  • em


  • Sophie

    Ur So Fukiin Seksayy Reece
    Add Me On >> 😀
    iilOveyOuu 🙂

  • Sophie

    Spelt iit Rong Sorry


  • sophie

    hiyyas luv yas loads thinks yas so fit hope u added me on msn my addy .is your addy ubetaye_orwataye’ because if it is i added u .omg yor so fit u fitty luv ya bey.pleze reply.

  • tplfc

    Hiyaa add me plzz 😛 thank uuu!! 😛

  • tplfc

    Hiyaa add me plzz 😛 thank uuu!! 😛

  • demi.x.x

    omg yuh aree so fit ni fitter then this lad tho
    ACTUALLY i would say yuh aree jus twell yuh the same
    ilu tx bck

  • Ikra

    add me on msn plz

    Thanx Yur d Best = D

  • Ikra

    Sapniin .. U aiite .. add me on msn yeh plzzz…

    Yur d Best ( agen ) yur character in waterloo road iz wicked apart 4m d maxine bit but d rest is remindz me of how i am in skool = )

  • shanice

    well reece noi, im ur biggest fan lahh i have t-shirts wit pics of u an all on them u r so fit.:) can u add me on msn plz at thanks love you from shanice.

  • ruby

    leave me alown ta x

  • ruby

    leave me alown ta x

  • ruby

    ta but no ta

  • niamh

    i all ready taken thanks and how old are u i onley 12

  • Ikra

    Duz Diis Dude even Replii 2 Eny ov Dah Messages ???

  • lily

    ewww get a life he is jus ewwwwwwww i would pukeee if i seen him
    so get a life n grow up

  • niamh

    thanks u left me alown u fucker

  • Amii.TrueWifeyy

    eloo. add mee on msn plz.
    or myspace. amiitruewifey ly xxxxxxx speak suun x

  • Aggiiee Babess :P

    Oii babbes you aggiiee i no evry1 annoyyin u but trus i’m ur truee link wana link upp?

  • kylaa

    ewww all uu havee badd taste in boiz like yukeee get a life

  • Anonymous

    add me reece 😉

  • Anonymous

    didnt leave me addy haa 😉 add mee xx

  • Anonymous
    sorryy love thats the ryt one x

  • ashleigh and louise

    hiyaa babe

  • ashleigh and louise
  • ashleigh and louise

    hope u add me your mint and would like to speak xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Anonymous

    Love how you did your Tie on Grange Hill Reece, would love to see you wear it the thin way on Waterloo road if ever your Earl again like in 2004 on Grange Hill.

  • Anonymous

    Loved how you tied your tie the thin waty/side only showing on Grange Hill as Taylor in 2004 Reece! Be cool if you wore it as so on Waterloo Road, if ever your Earl again!

  • Anonymous

    Be cool to chat b.t.w Reece wenever u r on!

  • alexYO

    add mee pleasee 😉

  • Mark

    Could you consider adding me too please Reece? Thanks.

  • Waterloo Road No1 Fan

    my names danielle
    but its danii 🙂
    cudd uu add me?
    i abso love waterloo road,, but as soon as uu came on it just got 100 times better
    x x x x

  • niamh

    hi hun u k u up yet

  • niamh

    plz add me bebo/face book.

  • Anonymous

    hello i jus wanna say i luvvvvv yuh add me on facebook

  • Anonymous

    iya i jst wanna say ow much i love u in waterloo rd ur poropa fit n u are a propa bss character bbe love u lts love yh 🙂 😛

  • Luke Remi

    ay i saw ellie the other day man.. ad a proper laugh mate i fort u wud ave been wif her lol …
    oh yh and ask chelsee what does she mean abbout us mixed race machester kids lol

  • patrice

    hi sexy plzzzz add me on msn u r sooo cute oxox

  • hiya plz add me reece i dream about u every day and night that we r together it would mean everything if u just sed hi :)plz add me

  • Cara

    I love all the Kelly’s but especially you Reece xx Earl just made it good…. shame you left, Maxine was nice but Earl is awesome… i aint no stalker but ypu are my msn picture and my wallaper on my laptop and i have a poster of you… i fancy you sooo much.
    pls add me love you sooo much… i hope you come back to Waterloo road by like escaping from jail and bomb it or something…. PLS kill Bolton… he gets on my nerves and Phillip.

  • Zoe Babes

    omg i think you should come back into waterloo road!! you dont no how much i got annoyed when youu came out of it!! serously.. your a propa good actor an propa gawjuss! i realy want to get to know you please add me xxxx

  • Anonymous

    NoNoNo Dont Kil Bolton Just Philip Hes Gay Lol. xXx

  • Anonymous

    plz put ur email on google so i nw

  • Omg Yourr Sooo Hott Add Mehh

  • nicole

    hey bbe gd talkin 2 ya on msn WHEN YOUR ON LYK ya ded fit yanno luv ya but add me new addy x x x x

  • x…Jade16…x

    Hellow =].
    You should be back in waterloo road, all waterloo road come to sheffield fc down the road frm me the other day, i went but you werent there, Gutted!! lol. add my msn if ya want. 😉 Jade xxx

  • Reece Noi

    Thanks for the support everyone. I throughly enjoyed working in Waterloo Road and I owe it all to my fans out there. Thats you guys!
    I am reading through all of your comments here slowly! I never realised there was so many fans! I can’t go adding everyone to MSN but if you want to then add: and i’ll try to add you.

    Keep supporting me!


  • Mark

    Thanks for posting Reece. I’ve just added you on MSN with a short E-Mail too.


  • mmm

    eee is this really reece noi;)
    anyways loadsa people sed ya comin bak into waterloo road or w.e
    tbh ryt ah think ya shud (:
    im from newcastle n omgg i love youu!
    eee everyone will say orrr am ya biggest fan
    wey not really coz i am 😀
    godd ya bloody amazing!
    hope this isnt lyk a person pretendin to be him or w.e :L
    anywayss add mee am nt one of them pervy lasses or w.e lol

  • Eyaahh…????♥ ♥ ♥

    Ur soo fitttt baby cant belivee how fitt u are aree yah cominnn backk to water loo road please say yeah add me on msn♥ ♥ ♥ any one else can add me if they like thanks….???

    Reece Me annddd uu can talk all nite hehe haha pmsl :P:P:P

    I just cant belive you killed max lol she was ugly any way but im more pretty i bee ur g.f if u be myy b.fff im ur biggestt fannnnn tapp bk pleaseee add me on bebo kerryw035…?????♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ u meannn world to me cum back to water looo ♥ road♥

  • aintt hee justtt mannn cnt belive itttt lovee yahhhhh

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  • soph

    ello u were good on waterloo road shame u went oh well i added u on msn hope to talk to u bye x x x

  • Reece Noi

    hey guys just wanted to let you know i wont be in the last episode of series 4 so dont get your hopes up. But i will be in series 5 marley and rose will visit me in prison we are filming that next month ok thnx guys keep on supporting me cya xx

  • Mark

    Be kewl to see those scenes Reece, thanks for telling us! Hope we c u bck @ Skl too in a few scenes!

  • Reece Noi

    like i already said just to end all the rumours i will NOT be in the last episode of series 4 i will be in series 5 just for a few episodes i think it is 4 to be precise and non of them will be in school cause i am in prison and i dont break out of prison. by the way whoether told you all that maxine twin sister will come out tht is not true as well.
    I enjoyed waterloo road thank you guys for supporting me at the moment we are filming fathers and sons and i will only be in waterloo road series 5 for 3/4 episodes

    thnx guys l8r x

  • Mark

    All the best Reece for both projects. Could you add meif possible plz – MarkWill02@Hotmail.Com.

    Thanks, Mark

  • Tanya

    Hellooo x
    I’vee Added Your Msnn… 🙂
    I Reallyy Wanna Meet Youu, Pleaseee Come To Surreyy 🙂
    i Miss You In Waterloo Roadd x

    Btww Yourr Fitt As F*** 😉

  • Tanya

    Ohh Yeahh And Can Youu Pleaseee Add My Msnn…
    Thankk Youu x

  • Anonymous

    Haha crazy fans!
    Reece you’re a brilliant actor keep up the good work.
    Love from Naomi.

  • lewis

    heyy could yu add my msn reece iam ur biggest fan mine is thanks i always talk about you and how i miss you being in waterloo road cause i think your a sik actor and have you got face book add me on that as well if thats okk thanx

  • Ryan

    safe reece iv been watchin waterloo still but its kind of shit without you in dere you need to cum bk

  • Anonymous

    iyya bbz u well fit .xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • leasha

    heya how old r u .xx

  • leasha

    heya how old r u .xx

  • Reece Noi

    im 21 on the 13th of june

  • L dot dizzle

    sfe reece when are yu coming back to waterloo road and i have added your msn lol i really wanna meet yu tb

  • Reece Noi

    hey guys they have finished me off at waterloo road now sorry guys they were thinking about giving me a few more episodes in prison but they canceled it shame i liked the crew

  • L dot dizzle

    so you are never ever coming back into waterloo road why did they change their minds do you think reece and oh have you added me yet
    tb mate

  • Deany

    any lasses add m

  • Jamal20009


    I am in year 9 at Matthew Moss High School and my English teacher Mrs Armbrister told me you used to come to my school and you was in her class is it true or is she chatting it?

    Thanks and please reply!

    Jamal 🙂

  • L dot Dizzle

    hey reece i think i actually saw you in brighton yesterdai saturdaii wiv a blue top on smoking wiv ya mates in brighton goin to odean cinema or oceana lol could you add me onfacebook as weell thanx

  • Reece Noi

    lol nope i dont smoke

  • Tanya

    Heyy Reece youu are fitt as !! x
    please can you add me on msn pleaseee.. its
    i miss you in waterloo road 🙁
    where do you liveee, causee i really wanna meet youu 🙂

  • L dot dizzle

    sfee reece so you defo not coming back in waterloo road its kinda shiit wiv out yah ive added yah on facebook inabiitt scribble back but were yu in brighton at tha time lol

  • L dot dizzle

    sfee reece so you defo not coming back in waterloo road its kinda shiit wiv out yah ive added yah on facebook inabiitt scribble back but were yu in brighton at tha time lol

  • Ali

    Snd Reece u ok ur a gr8 actor i used 2 like woching u in grange hill lol.Y did they cancel the prison episodes dat wulda bin gd lol its a bit borin widout u ther.Wat r u guna be in nxt?
    luv alix

  • Tanya

    Is This Truee ?
    i Got Told By This Person On A Group About Waterloo Roadd That Your Gay ?
    G R E A T A C T O R 😀

  • LiiL Wurn


  • Mark

    Hi Reece,
    I think how you wore your Tie in Grange Hill when you first joined as Taylor in 2004 was mint!! It would look cool done like that 4 Earl on WR I recks. What you think?

    Laterz, MarkS

  • [[»»..[ ί к я ά ]..««]] ‘ Ox ;;

    Heyyy Itz Me Ikraaaaa – Yo Reece Yur a Siiik Actorr Brooo i Respect Yur actin skills nd like add me on msn if yah wna

  • Anonymous

    hahahahahahah diz is so funny readin wat all da gals is putin

  • Lil Wun

    Heeeeey ppl =D

  • Viki James

    Hi Reese
    My name’s Viki, I’m currently doing a University assignment and I am looking at young directors. This brought me across Clapperboard Uk and I noticed you were down to attend the awards in April. I was just wondering whether you attended in the end and what you thought of it.

  • James Lane

    Just go back to waterloo road lol ha i miss you :L add me

  • Faye

    your gorgeous :)! & your a great actor, cant believe youre not going to be in waterloo road 🙁 its boringg without youu xx

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