Character Bio - Maxine Barlow played by Ellie Paskell

Maxine Barlow played by Ellie Paskell

Maxine has had a troubled background – but there was a remarkable turnaround in her fortunes when Steph Haydock agreed she could stay with her. Maxine is now back at school and is making progress, although she’s easily led astray by Janeece, and falls headlong in love with the psychopathic Earl Kelly, whose tough guy image is only dropped when he’s alone with her. Unfortunately, Earl can’t change and their relationship comes to an explosive end.

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  • Anonymous

    im just wondering if ellie paskell wanted to leave the program if so why? she played a great part its a shame to see her go!

  • Jeremy

    Yea its a real shame she made me laugh allot really, really going to miss the character Maxine, although im much older than her character was having someone like that around would only lighten up the day haha.

    Yea would like to know the reason why she left myself, but she probably just wanted to move on and do other things, and looking at her past roles shes done really well for herself and can only grow as an actress, shes really cool too, you rockon girl!

  • demi.x.x

    it was so sad i dint want her 2 leave coz she was such a gr8 actress she has been in waterloo rd 4 ages


    so sad i will reli miss her

    tb demi
    no 1 fan lol

  • Anonymous

    im am very sad that maxine left she was my favourite actor in waterloo road and i was crying its not fair that she left xx

  • demi.x.x

    y could`nt sum1 else leave oh yh n thanx 4 adding me alot i have left a comment n do uu go out with reece noi in real life

  • caroline

    i cant believe that max is dead i dnt think waterloo rd is the same without her ive watched it rite from the beginning and feel as tho max has changed from the no hoper she was in the first series dating lewis seddon into a remarkable young woman who was determined 2 make something of her life with the help of steph haydock an even tho she fell 4 earl kelly she was waking up 2 the fact he was no good 4 her and wanted 2 move on i think its also a shocking reality as 2 how young relationships can also experience serious domestic violence n emotions that are 2 confusing for young people 2 be able 2 express properly maxine was the life n soul of waterloo rd along with chloe and janice and i really am sorry that shes left the show its really weird but sfter watching 4 so long its like losin someone u know

  • Mikey92

    I think she had done all that could be done with that charecter.

  • L DOT Dizzle

    heyy ellie i have added u on facebook and could yu add me on msn plz i cant believe yu went out of waterloo road it isnt the same without you tb and write back soon if ya got bebo this is mine lewisM1520 WRITE BACK 2 ME XX

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