Tuesday, 27 January 2009, 8:00PM on ITV1

ITV style experts Trinny and Susannah return to screens in a brand new series with a twist – Trinny and Susannah Meet Their Match.

Faced with an exciting new challenge, they are tasked with applying their style expertise to three groups or ‘tribes’ whose outward appearance reflects a specific, collective identity – dog lovers, sex bombs and country ladies.

But before they can start making any changes, the tables are turned and – after 15 years of styling the nation – Trinny and Susannah must allow themselves to be restyled.

The girls meet a shining example of each group and spend 24 hours in their life – getting to know them, taking part in their activities and, yes, dressing like them to understand why they dress the way they do.

In the final programme of the series, Trinny and Susannah meet the fun loving females who really know what they want. Dressed to kill in all their finery, the more mature ladies who love to dress to impress regardless of their age.

Some are single, some are mothers, some are even grandmothers. But they are all Sex Bombs.

41-year-old Grace tells the programme: “I don’t want to dress how a 41-year-old should dress. Why should I?”

Sue, 49, says: “Some people think that when you are 49 you should be at home baking cakes generally just deteriorating.”

And 58-year-old Jill, 58, says: “I’ve been 32 for many years now and I intend to be 32 for many more.”

Arriving to meet the ladies in lycra, Susannah says: “I’m thinking that all our worst nightmares have come together at once.”

Trinny and Susannah’s ultimate challenge will be to transform the women from brassy to classy whilst retaining the sense of confidence they get from their sexy attire.

But the girls won’t be getting their hands on the sex bombs until they have first experienced their lifestyle – and their clothes style – first hand.

Restyling Trinny is 46-year-old dancer and mum of two, Fletch, who says her trademark is: “Six foot blonde with big tits.”

As she is led away by Fletch, Trinny is horrified to find herself confronted by a spray tan booth and pleads for clemency. But Fletch shows no mercy adding false nails to Trinny’s makeover nightmare.

Bringing out the sex bomb in Susannah is 45-year-old Sue who has three children and lives with her husband in Kent.

Sue says: “If people don’t like it, they don’t have to look. I’m only here to please myself.”

Emerging in tiny gold hot pants and fish net tights Trinny exclaims: “I feel like a hooker.”

But in knee high boots, a denim mini-skirt and sequined top, Susannah is another story…

“I feel fantastic,” she reveals, “I’m loving the fake tan, I feel like I want to go out and party.”

And party they will.

To enable Trinny and Susannah to really understand what makes the sex bombs tick they need to indulge in the ultimate sex bomb pastime – clubbing.

When Trinny comments that she hopes she doesn’t wander down the wrong street and get offered 100 pounds, Susannah quips: “You should be so lucky.”

Despite her reservations, Trinny dances the night away, while Susannah reflects: “You know what I have learned this evening, 100 per cent, you have so much more fun in a club when you’re dressed like this.”

The evening comes to an end, signalling time for Trinny and Susannah to retire to the homes of their respective tribe members.

Trinny travels to Stafford to move in with Fletch, while Susannah heads to Kent to stay with Sue and her family.

After scraping off her make-up, and leaving a fake tan tide mark in the bath, Trinny is soon tucked up in bed where she wonders aloud: “Am I missing out on something by not embracing an element of what they do?

“I really had good fun tonight. I let myself go, and I had a great dance, and I just had a really fun time. And I haven’t had a fun time recently.”

In Kent, Susannah meets Sue’s night club bouncer husband, Bullet – a connoisseur of the sex bomb look who loves the way his wife dresses.

Susannah reflects: “I’m so torn between their spirit and that, maybe, overshadows that they do look a bit of a fright. Outside that environment of the nightclub, I think I’d feel a bit ridiculous.”

Waking the following morning, still fake tanned and fake nailed, Susannah says: “It’s like I’ve woken up from a wonderful dream and in to a nightmare.”

While Susannah watches Sue shaving a bare chested Bullet’s head, Trinny attempts to squeeze herself in to a pair of zebra print leggings.

She asks: “Would you seriously go out like this in the day, Fletch?”

But Susannah has no such qualms with the white jeans and vest top chosen for her by Sue.

“I’m quite liking it”, she tells Sue, “This programme is not going in the direction it’s supposed to right now.”

With a trip to the local shops finding Trinny also beginning to be seduced by the sex bomb look, she is keen to get Fletch’s mother, Beryl’s, thoughts on her daughter’s style choices.

She asks: “Obviously you would quite like her to meet someone again, she would like to meet someone again, I’m sure her children would be happy for her to meet someone again. But do you think she’s sending out the right messages?”

“No”, Beryl replies, “Because she’s such a strong person, I don’t know if a man could handle Jill.”

Back in Kent, Sue takes Susannah to fellow sex bomb Grace’s salon to get a henna tattoo.

Grace says: “I know I’m 41 but I don’t want to be like a normal 41-year-old. I want to be me. And this is me. Boobs, hair, botox, everything. It’s me!”

As the day draws to a close and student sex bombs Trinny and Susannah prepare to strip off their sequins, Trinny still has a few lessons to learn as she tries her hand at modern jive, firmly schooled in Fletch’s mantra: “Don’t look at the room, let the room look at you.”

A week after they first met Trinny and Susannah, the sex bombs head to London to a chic cocktail bar where Trinny and Susannah have set up a temporary HQ.

At last, it’s time for Trinny and Susannah to have their say – but it looks like they may have a fight on their hands.

Grace says: “I’m looking forward to today, I’m hoping to have an argument.”

“I’ve never come across a more united front, a more united team of women’, says Trinny.

Susannah reasons: “Maybe, woman are watching this and thinking, ‘No way, that is just too extreme for me so I’m not even going to try.’ So maybe it’s getting to a level where we find an alternative that’s more accessible to a greater number of women.”

But will Trinny and Susannah be able to convince this group of women that sex and sophistication can go hand in hand?

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