Episode 4

Thursday, 5 February 2009, 10:00PM on ITV3

Rebecca Kessfield (Chandra West, John from Cincinnati, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry), speeds across town, praying under her breath. She can’t take it anymore, her little sister Sadie (Meredith Henderson, Shania: A Life in Eight Albums, Jumper) can’t take it anymore.

Bursting into a little house in the Beaches, she finds Sadie on the bathroom floor, kidney-punched, throwing up blood, a newborn baby crying in the bedroom. Problem is: Sadie’s abusive husband is a cop. He knows where to hit her so it doesn’t show, and he knows how to find her if she tries to leave. Enraged, Rebecca takes Pete’s (Kenneth Mitchell, Jericho, Odyssey 5) gun from a drawer, and heads to Pete’s local cop bar. This is going to stop. And it’s going to stop tonight.

When Rebecca takes Pete to his sailboat on the waterfront – the place he married her sister, the perfect place for a troubled cop to “commit suicide” – she has no idea that Ed, Jules, and the SRU are one step ahead of her, pulling out all the stops in a desperate effort to protect one of their own. But the sympathies of the SRU are going to come into conflict, when they discover their “brother in arms” is a vicious abuser of women.


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