Episode 5

Friday, 6 February 2009, 9:00PM on ITV1

Belsize Park. Night. A BMW, and a white van, pull up outside the home of Colin Wilson, jewellery shop manager. Three men get out, balaclavas over their faces. Two carry guns, one carries a sledge hammer. The moment Wilson opens the door, The Sledgehammer Man is straight in, smashing everything in sight. The other two men are hard on his heels waving guns and screaming. In the struggle, one attacker’s balaclava is ripped off – Lenny Bilkin, mid-50s with a complexion like it’s been cultivated by plenty of afternoons on the golf course. He puts his balaclava back on before dragging Wilson outside, bundling him into the BMW’s boot, with his wife and child in the van. They arrive at the jewellery shop, where the alarm goes off as Wilson is frogmarched through the door, a Beretta pushed against the back of his head. In his panic to turn off the alarm, he hits the wrong button. Now there’s no turning it off. The man in the balaclava doesn’t hesitate. The game’s over. He pulls the trigger, blowing Wilson’s brains out.

The Old Bailey, several months later. Lenny Bilkin, and his two sons Barry and Terry, are in the dock. Terry’s early thirties, a chip of the old block – his younger brother doesn’t seem to have the Bilkin confident swagger. In the gallery are their wives, Zoe and Wendy. Beside them sits Donna Bilkin, Lenny’s wife. The defence barrister, Felix Levington, is doing a fine job of discrediting the prosecution’s case. From the wife’s identification to the forensic evidence, all are undermined enough to plant reasonable doubt. Even what should be the damning testimony from Joe Miller, a known associate of the Bilkins who says he was approached before the jewellery job, is taken apart by Levington.

Both Terry and Barry Bilkin are found not guilty. However they were unable to reach a verdict on Lenny Bilkin, meaning he will have to be retried. The Bilkin Family celebrate. Joe Miller refuses the offer of police protection, claiming he’s not scared of the Bilkins. Walker and Connor know Lenny Bilkin’s first order from inside will be a revenge job on Miller. With ownership of the Trojan Health Club as his legitimate front, Miller is looking to move into the Bilkins’ territory. If the Bilkins were out of the way, Miller could expand his business overnight. There would be no one to stop him.

Connor and Satchell pay a visit to the Trojan. Miller works out while answering their questions. His boyfriend, Jamie, looks on. Jamie confirms Miller’s story – that Lenny Bilkin came to the club, that he and Miller had several meetings shortly before the jewellery job was pulled. Miller remains the key witness, but encouraged by Jamie, he is having second thoughts about testifying against Bilkin again. Miller tells Satch he won’t be appearing at the retrial.

As Satchell makes his way from the club, the screech of a van pulling up outside makes him turn. Miller is now walking to his car. The van door bangs opens, a man wearing a balaclava emerges, carrying a gun. A Beretta. He pumps four bullets into Miller’s chest. Satchell hits the deck. Crawling on his hands and knees he tries to stay safe. The shooter moves over to where Miller is lying, bleeding on the tarmac. Three more rounds into Miller’s head. Satchell, still hidden behind his car, gets a glimpse of the shooter as the van pulls away. Walker and Connor are quickly on the case. Satch is actually in a state of shock. Watching someone coolly executed is a new experience for him. Walker wants to talk to him before anybody else does. Satch tells Walker he’s positive the shooter was one of the Bilkin boys, he recognised his eyes. What about the van? White … transit van … at a guess a 2.0 TD. Partial ID on the reg – 04 – that’s all. Barry and Terry are taken in for questioning. Connor tells them they have an eye witness that saw them at the scene of a shooting. Terry just starts to smile. He has an alibi for the time – both he and Barry were with their wives and their mother, plus a dozen or so others. They were celebrating a friend’s birthday. Walker and Connor set about checking it out. DC Carol Short has been assigned to Connor’s team, following her past experience with the Bilkins. Climbing into her car after a long day’s work, Johnny Howells, career small-time villain, jumps into the passenger seat. From his coat pocket he takes a wad of cash – £10,000 – it’s hers if he tells them who the copper is that ID’d them at the shooting. Short looks at the money.

Kay Satchell is walking home from school with their daughter, Abigail. A Toyota car pulls up alongside. Kay speaks to the driver briefly, before she and Abi climb into the back of the car. Satchell has had a hell of a day. He calls home. No reply. She’s probably putting Abi to bed. He tries again. This time there is an answer – a man’s voice, telling him that they are ‘looking after’ his wife and child, then hangs up. Satchell stands there, before screaming he’ll kill them … he’ll kill them.


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