Episode 6

Friday, 13 February 2009, 9:00PM on ITV1

Satchell wants to go and confront the Bilkins. He wants to have it out with them. If necessary he’ll beat it out of them. Connor has to calm him, they’re just trying to scare him. Going off and attacking the Bilkins won’t serve any purpose, it’ll just play right into their hands. Anyway, they have their alibis ready. The kidnap unit are being briefed and readied, and Satchell is getting to breaking point, when there’s a breakthrough. Kay calls Satch, tells him that her and Abi have been released by their kidnappers, who posed as police officers. Satchell and several patrol cars rush to pick them up from the street corner they’ve been left on. They’re shocked, but back in one piece with their unborn baby unharmed.

What’s concerning Walker is how it was discovered that Satch was the eyewitness at Miller’s murder? Do they have a mole in their team. DC Short meets with Donna and Zoe Bilkin. She says they never mentioned anything about kidnapping Satchell’s wife and kid. If he had have done he’d have not gone anywhere near it. Short is about to get out of the car, when Zoe grabs her by his hair. She jerks her head back and tells her she’d better listen. They make it clear that they need to know how the Miller investigation is going. Short is their inside man and she better not forget that.

A burnt-out white van has been discovered on a piece of wasteland, the same one that was used in Miller’s killing. Prints are lifted of the petrol can found nearby, belonging to Johnny Howells. When questioned, he claims he just walked past and picked it up, that’s all. He denies all knowledge of the Bilkins. Connor is convinced that Howells was part of the abduction.

Joe Miller’s murder is brought back into focus with a breakthrough. CCTV footage of a white van pulling in at a petrol station near the health club, just after the shooting. A man gets out, but he wears a baseball cap and his collar turned up, so it’s impossible to get a good look at him. But they do at least now have the vehicle registration. Ballistics are back on Miller. The killers were taking no chances – eleven bullets in total, four in the chest, three in the head. What’s interesting is the fact that bullets extracted from the body are also like the ones that killed Wilson. Walker is thinking this has to be the same gun which Bilkin passed to his sons.

On Wimbledon common, a dog walker finds a gun dumped in a bin-bag. Just like the one used in both killings, so now they have another go at Bilkin. Lenny Bilkin isn’t letting his stay in prison alter his belief that he is some sort of untouchable human being. He stares Walker straight in the eye. He denies ever owning a Beretta pistol. Now Miller’s dead the police have nothing. He couldn’t have killed Miller, he was in the nick.

Connor requestions Jamie Johnson. He discloses that Joe was having a relationship with Barry Bilkin. Was Joe shot because of business, or by a jilted lover? Connor goes to Wendy. Did she know her husband was gay? When Joe turned up as a prosecution witness, Barry wanted him dead for two reasons – he’d betrayed him and he didn’t want Lenny discovering his son’s sexual preferences. Walker is convinced Terry is the shooter, but Connor asserts that Barry is the one with motive. Walker confronts Satch – someone, somewhere let the Bilkins know that Satch was there.

Satch knows what Walker is implying and blows up, threatening to quit the force. Palmer interrupts with an update – they’ve found the Toyota that was used to abduct Kay and Abi. Prints found on the car identify Johnny Howells and small time criminal Fabio Conte. Under questioning Howells refuses to finger the Bilkins, claiming the kidnapping was his idea. The Bilkins’s reputation still instils fear it seems.

Satch tells Short he knows who the shooter is and is ready to positively identify Miller’s assassin. Later at home, his mobile goes, it’s Donna Bilkin. She tells him he has a choice – she can pay him to lose his memory. Satch tells her he’s ready to deal. But now Satch confronts Short – he now knows that she must be the mole. He grabs her, nearly strangling her. Short breaks down and confesses. She tells them that the Bilkins have a safe house in Hertfordshire – that’s where Satch is to meet Donna.

In a woodland clearing near the safe house, Satch faces Donna and Terry. Terry raises his gun, but a shot rings out from the covert police marksman, and Terry falls to the ground, and Donna runs to his side. Connor visits Lenny in prison, telling him about Terry death and that Barry has given a statement admitting to the two killings. Lenny is distraught – he’s now lost both his children.

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