Season 2 Premiere

Having moved on from her lesbian lover, Jessica has been swept off her feet by playboy Mark, and the ultimate commitment-phobe is getting married.

But, as ever with Jessica, things are not straight forward and it transpires, when she starts kissing a handsome stranger on her hen do, that her marriage is going to be of the ‘open’ variety.

Katie’s suspension from practicing medicine has come to an end and she is ready for her first day as House Officer on the oncology ward, where her new boss just happens to be Jack, her old flame from medical school.

Katie has sworn off men, but it doesn’t take long before she attracts the attention of Dan, a surgeon at the hospital. Reluctantly Katie gives in to Dan and invites him on a strictly platonic date to Jessica’s wedding.

Trudi’s and Richard’s relationship is going from strength to strength, but money is tight and life is chaotic. Trudi decides to take matters into her own hands and start a cake baking business.

With all the talk of weddings and romance, Trudi starts to feel there’s something lacking in her relationship and when Richard suggests out of convenience they should live together, her romantic sensibilities are offended.

Meanwhile, to those on the outside Siobhan seems to be living the perfect life with house-husband Hari and daughter Elsa. Even Elsa’s biological dad, Dominic, has visitation rights and things are civil.

However, Siobhan and Hari’s relationship is far from perfect and Siobhan is hiding a very dark secret…

At Jessica’s and Mark’s beautiful white wedding the bride isn’t the only one to make a life-changing decision. Siobhan and Hari agree they need to get their marriage back on track, Katie finally lets a man into her life and Trudi and Richard both have huge questions for each other…

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