Episode 1

Tuesday, 3 March 2009, 8:00PM on ITV1

New Homes From Hell 2009 is back with a brand new three-part series looking at starter homes, luxury pads and foreign retreats which started off as dreams and turned into nightmares.

The series meets the people who shelled out thousands, and in some cases millions, for their ideal homes only to see them turn to ruins before their eyes.

New Homes From Hell: Luxury Properties features the couple whose swanky house near Sandbanks burnt down when they left their lights on timers while they went on holiday.

One woman reveals how problems with builders working on her luxury home in Spain have left her on the verge of bankruptcy and heading for divorce.

The couple who bought an exclusive penthouse apartment overlooking the Thames explain how they got the biggest ever insurance payout on a new build disaster.

And New Homes From Hell captures the moment when a woman is evicted from her mansion which she’d been squatting in for months after her spiralling debts meant she couldn’t meet her mortgage repayments.

In New Homes From Hell: Buying Abroad the programme meets the family living in war zone conditions in their château in France, thanks to a gun club next door. The family tells the programme how they have been hit by clay pigeons in their own garden because the range isn’t big enough.

The series tells the story of the couple who can’t access their own home in Spain after their neighbour dug a trench and erected a fence in their driveway, and there’s a visit to the luxury development in Egypt which is nothing more than a building site.

And New Homes From Hell investigators catch up with the builder who ripped off British buyers with the promise of luxury villas in Spain – one of which he hasn’t actually built.

In New Homes From Hell: First Time Buyers the programme meets the couple who were forced to rent out their newly-bought home for financial reasons then discovered their tenant had turned it into a cannabis factory.

The couple whose brand new city centre flat flooded when pipes burst above their ceiling tell the programme that the strain of being re-homed has led to the breakdown of their relationship.

And structural expert John Topp takes a look around the worst new-build home he’s ever seen which is uninhabitable because of endless structural problems. New Homes From Hell investigators track down the builder responsible, but will he return and fix the problems?

New Homes From Hell is produced by Katy Ferguson and the executive producer is Sarah Caplin.

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