Episode 10

Thursday, 5 March 2009, 7:30PM on ITV1

After seven gruelling rounds, two exceptionally demanding semi finals, four outstanding contestants have made it through to this year’s Final of The Krypton Factor.

The stakes are higher, the competition is harder and the pressure has never been as intense, when the four are pitted against each other to test their mental and physical abilities in a range of rigorous challenges. Only one will be crowned the champion of The Krypton Factor 2009.

Hosted by Ben Shephard, the four will undertake a series of rounds to test mental agility, observation, physical ability, intelligence and general knowledge capabilities.

And all the challenging rounds are back. Mental Agility will be played in the studio (The Kube) and will be individual rounds. The Observation Round will have contestants watch a classic TV clip and answers questions on it. Intelligence will be a race between all four to solve a logic puzzle which utilises state-of-the-art technology. The General Knowledge round will be the final decider on the buzzer. Whilst staying true to the original format of the show, every round has been brought bang up-to-date keeping Krypton Factor as the toughest competition on TV and promises to put even the most astute and logical minds to the test.

Then, there’s the small matter of the Assault Course. The contestants test their Physical Ability in the biggest and most memorable of all previous Krypton Factor challenges, and it’s never been tougher than this. To complete the course, contestants will have to give their total commitment as they race around the energy-sapping obstacle course.

The course is rougher, tougher, more demanding than ever and is designed to test the physical and psychological strength of each contestant as they race around the course against the clock.

There are a few surprises awaiting contestants along the way. Of course, there’ll be the obligatory sprint finish forcing contestants to dig deep as they race to the finish line.

Living up to its tradition as one of the most ground-breaking games on TV, this new series will see contestants having to be smarter, faster and more resilient if they are going to succeed in the competition.

Menacing, unforgettable and 100% entertaining.

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