Episode 3

Wednesday, 11 March 2009, 10:30PM on ITV2

Show host Lindsay Carol (O’Dowd) bumbles his way passionately through each show regaling listeners with stories of his totally misguided personal life, which surprisingly attracts an audience. His failure to connect with the world of hip bands and celebrity work against him, and he is constantly competing in the fame stakes with fellow radio host and cool urban DJ, Topher (O-T Fagbenle).

Lindsay’s dipsy yet too-cool-for-rock school co-host Dom Cox (Bishop) manages to piss off their music guests on a daily basis, usually through his drunken or tardy antics. Producer Jane Edwards (Sosanya) is suppose to keep the hosts under control and running to schedules, but she very rarely achieves this herself. Like Lindsay and Dom, Jane is an eternal singleton and they all revel in each others dating disasters. Together they make for a very motley radio crew.

Each episode will see a performance from a top band “live” in the FM studio, such as The Charlatans, The Wombats, The Guillemots, Ladyhawke and Sway. As well as celebrity guest appearances including Justin Hawkins, Toyah Wilcox, Jamie Theakston and Tim Westwood.

The series follows the three radio musketeers as they attempt to pull together a daily show. They come face to face with demanding managers, pushy new bands, unreliable recording artists, Dom’s relentless partying and boyband past, as well as Lindsay’s eternal wish to become a top club DJ whilst looking hot in skinny jeans.

Other regular characters include Daisy (Ophelia Lovibond), FM’s wide-eyed receptionist, and the station’s nerdy sound engineer, Neil (Oliver Lansley).

In episode three Jane’s criminal past reveals itself when she admits to having had a kleptomanic stage during her youth. Dom dates a girl with impaired hearing which ends in disaster and Lindsay finds himself embroiled in the saga of Ladyhawke’s stolen laptop.

Studio guests this week include Ladyhawke.

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