Episode 8

Thursday, 5 March 2009, 10:00PM on ITV3

Having served twelve years in prison for the murder of his teenage sweetheart, when he was fifteen – a murder he didn’t commit – Michael Jameson (Mpho Koaho, Saw III, Doomstown) is finally free on parole. Though Michael knows he’s innocent, no one else does, and Katie’s murder continues to haunt him. When his lawyer gives him the news that the prosecutor in his case held evidence back from the permanent file, Michael realizes that he may never clear his name.

Desperate to confront the prosecutor, but unable to get past security at the courthouse, Michael grabs a policeman’s gun and ends up taking a young woman hostage.

In the same building for a deposition, an unarmed Ed tries to defuse the situation and ends up as a hostage himself. Now it’s up to Team One to rescue one of their own while they negotiate with a man who seemingly has nothing left to lose. Meanwhile, Parker grapples with staying professional, while his best friend is in danger.

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