Episode 9

Thursday, 12 March 2009, 10:00PM on ITV3

Penny West was nine years old and on a backyard camp-out with her dad – popcorn, sleeping bags, and a telescope to explore outer space. When her dad went inside to replenish their supply of grape juice, Penny simply vanished. Now, eight years later, another little girl, Lilly Everett, has gone missing.

Crime-watcher tips lead SRU to the suburbs, where they strategize about how to extract Lilly from a booby-trapped house. But they’re surprised to discover the abductor and Lilly are not alone. They’re confronted also by a 17 year-old girl: a girl that SRU soon determines to be the long-presumed-dead Penny West. She has a gun, and a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome.

She has suffered years of abuse and isolation – brainwashed to fear the outside world, to fear police, to believe that death is better than surrender. Yet somehow, her protective instincts have kicked in to protect the newest kidnapping victim, turning her against her abductor for the first time ever.

Team One must weigh every tactical and psychological strategy, as they reach out to uncover the wide-eyed, gentle child Penny once was. Can they convince Penny to save herself? And if not – can they use her to save Lilly?

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