Season Four Fugitives

For the past few weeks the BBC’s trailers have been teasing us with the long awaited return (for some of us) of Heroes to our TV screen.  Was Sylar really gone?….Was Hiro OK?….What will the future bring our heroes?  On Monday night all was revealed with the return of Heroes on the BBC. 

Yes, Sylar is still alive and up to no good.  Nathan looks set to be the bad guy along with the US Government.  Our heroes are just trying to get on with their lives.  Yet, as ever, there is a real sense of foreboding on Heroes.  This season instead of saving the world from disaster our heroes look set to become hunted fugitives. 

Although Heroes has taken the US by storm it does not seem to have amassed a large fan base in the UK.  True, it requires a real leap of faith to swallow Heroes’ main premise that there are ordinary people who somehow develop special abilities, such as being able to fly or shoot electricity from their hands.   But Heroes was always meant to be like a science fiction comic, a feat it achieves with some aplomb.

I find Heroes well worth watching just because it is so well made – it’s put together with the same high production values as a film and it has great special effects.  Plus, the acting and fast pace of Heroes makes for compelling viewing.  If I were to make one criticism of Heroes it would be that it’s too easy to become confused by the numerous characters and storylines – especially if you miss an episode.  But that’s not likely to be a problem in my household. 

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