Writers wanted

Throng Media is hiring writers who are enthusiastic about television in the UK, particularly British shows.

Bloggers will have access to resources from television networks and production companies but will also be expected to gather additional news and resources to assist them with preparing posts.

We require writers who can add the some or all of the following: up-to-date news, spoilers, reviews, features and recaps/calculating points for our online games. Bloggers will be expected to add at least 5 posts per week with a minimum of 250 words each.

Knowledge of Drupal, SEO and interviewing an advantage. Basic HTML and image editing a requirement as is living in the country you’ll be writing for. East coast residents are preferred.

Bloggers will be paid per post with further incentives on reaching traffic goals.

How to apply

Please send 1 short writing sample relating to television in the country you wish to blog for and links to any additional online writing to regan@throngmedia.com

About the author

  • kate griffiths

    Intelligent? Check. Articulate? Affirmative. Puncturing egos fully deserving of a well-placed prick or two? Like a rapier. Will it make you laugh? Er…

    Whilst loving the concept of Stewart Lee, the practical application left something to be desired, and that something was a floor manager or director with the guts to tell Mr Lee when to stop. Last night’s show was a particular case in point. One or two well-observed but brief ruminations were stretched out to infinity, testing my patience and the reserve of nostalgic fondness I felt for the “Fist of fun” quondam days.

    The latter part of the show consisted of the fact that the curse of the middle-aged, middle-class male is now, apparently, the Travelodge room booking system. Surely this was more worthy of a brief segment in the “Grumpy Old Men” series? Unfortunately, although Lee was ultimately mocking his own pathetic slide from groovy Morrissey tortured indie boy into fatherhood and genteel decay with compulsory Daily Mail-esque gripes, IT TOOK FAR TOO LONG. As did the comedic sledgehammer used on the Apple (fruit) sketch, which self-consciously and deliberately parodied Monty Python, with a curious amalgam of the Cheese Shop and Dead Parrot sketches.

    When the credits finally rolled over this interminably dull student piece, I had lost what initial sympathy I felt for Lee and had instead lapsed into a lament for a. the lost 30 minutes of life, never to be retrieved, and b. the shameful waste of Kevin Eldon’s talent in this laboured and turgid “climax”. Mr Lee, please write something to be fondly remembered for then maybe you will no longer be merely the 41st funniest stand-up ever (hmmm). And shut up about Bill Hicks already…

  • 32 hilltop avd bellshill

  • sklolind

  • Shut up about Bill Hicks? As another famous performer once said: “Take a good look, missus. They’ll never be another.”

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