Epiosde 2

FM, Episode 2…

This episode is centrally around Lindsay trying to get a girlfriend and the problems he faces doing that, at the start of the show Dom hasn’t turned up, as he had got drunk the night before and ended up on a tour bus not too much of a problem but as he stumbled off the bus he finds himself on a boat and get to the studio after ten minutes late. So after the show Jane puts it to him that he needs to stop drinking so a packed is made and Dom will give up drinking and Jane will give up smoking…

So Dom goes to a AA meeting and for support Lindsay goes with him, meanwhile Lindsay gets chatting to a lady who is also there to support her sister, Lindsay try’s to hit on her with drastic consequence’s, Dom is bored through out the AA meeting till he get a turn to talk about his problem but he is recognised by another member of the group and the starts telling anecdotes of his wild times while drinking and gets a good response from the group.

Once they are back at the studio the Wombats are there as they are on their show a guests (this episode also features a performance by The Wombats) Lindsay is attracted to The Wombats manager and then concocts a plan to make her his new girlfriend, but his plan is based around making up a fictional girlfriend (the theory being she will be attracted to him if he is in a relationship)

The lack of nicotine increasingly becoming more of a problem Jane gets some nicotine patches goes into the ladies toilet to put one on, Dom sees her with what he thinks is cigarettes and takes a fire extinguisher and kick the door of the toilets and sprays the extinguisher over what turns out to be another member of the staff, Jane comes out of another cubicle and show him that they are patch not cigarettes.

With the gang back on air in a matter of minutes, Lindsay is ready to be split up from his fictional girlfriend and asks the receptionist to call him and break up with him, they are on air and the station gets a call from his fictional girlfriend she is put live on air and she breaks up with him making him look very bad, and after the show he then makes his move on The Wombats manager… It doesn’t go down too well and Lindsay is left alone once again.

Another good episode much better than the first, which is to be expected, let’s hope, it stays that way…

Catch FM episode 3 next week iTV2 Wednesday 10.30!

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