Episode 10

Thursday, 19 March 2009, 10:00PM on ITV3

The SRU is handling a routine VIP protection shift at a fancy downtown hotel. Assigned to the VIP’s suite, Ed and the VIP get along like gangbusters. Ed is quickly charmed by the easy-going philanthropist (Colm Feore; 24, Bon Cop, Bad Cop) and his beloved wife (Wendy Crewson; Away From Her, ReGenesis), in town to give away $5 million at a massive international conference.

The protection routine goes awry, when a bomb goes off in the hotel kitchen. The SRU soon realizes the explosion was a distraction tactic, when they discover the VIP’s wife has gone missing. Kidnapping turns to horror, when the SRU finds the wife alive, but with a remote-controlled collar bomb locked around her neck.

She’s a living ransom note. Her husband must go in front of the keynote dinner and confess his past sins to the world – or else she will be detonated in front of him.


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