Episode 12

Thursday, 2 April 2009, 10:00PM on ITV3

Emma’s having a hard time keeping it together. For eight years, she and her husband Blake have tried every conception technique, from holistic to high-tech – putting their marriage on edge, and draining their life savings dry. They finally got pregnant – but a few weeks ago, Emma miscarried, and she’s growing more and more despondent every day.

When Emma discovers a suspicious text message on Blake’s cell phone, her world shatters. Is Blake having an affair? SRU responds to a panicked 911 call. But what appears at first to be a violent domestic dispute turns out to be a volatile barricade situation, involving a potentially delusional wife, and a terrified “other woman.”

Things get even more troubling for both Emma and the SRU, when the hostage reveals that she’s pregnant – the worst thing she could say to Emma, and a tactical nightmare for our team. A pregnant hostage means they can’t use any of their usual less-lethal techniques.


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