Episode 13

Thursday, 9 April 2009, 10:00PM on ITV3

Ed Lane’s at the tail end of a long and brutal shift. He’s hours away from some much needed time off to be with his family and shake off the stress of the past year. But Petar Tomasic has other plans for him. Son of the man Ed shot at First York Plaza, and a war-trained sniper in his own right, Petar is now bent on revenge. Beginning with a cunning plan to run Team One ragged with fake calls, Petar finally lures them to a downtown public square, where he waits with a sniper rifle, and one goal – to kill the man who “murdered” his father. Now the Team must hunt down the deadliest gunman they’ve ever faced, and Ed must cope with the knowledge that this is all happening because of a lethal shot he had to take. Challenged to the extremes of their training, Team One forces Petar into a final showdown. But as they save a city, they pay a price of their own…

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