Episode 6256

Friday, 27 March 2009, 7:00PM on ITV1

Bob (Tony Audenshaw) worries that Brenda (Lesley Dunlop) may sever all ties with him permanently, despite Gennie (Sian Reese-Williams) insisting she’ll come round. Sensing that Bob is tired out and close to cracking, Gennie gives him a hug and suggests he get some rest. However, Bob heads through to the shop and quickly falls asleep. He’s only woken by Brenda who explains that he’d left the till wide open. Bob and Brenda resolve their differences but he drops a bombshell and admits that without the banks’ support he has no choice but to sell the business immediately by auction. Will Bob lose everything?

Meanwhile, Natasha (Amanda Donohoe) ropes Nathan (Lyndon Ogbourne) into helping her interview for a new marketing manager at Home Farm. Natasha takes Mark (Maxwell Caulfield) to a disused barn on the estate and suggests they turn it into a farm shop. However, the sight of Faye’s car loitering on their borders once more causes Mark to be distracted. After looking around the barn Mark notices that the car has moved but there’s no sign of Faye anywhere. As the Wyldes drive off Faye (Kim Thomson) watches them from a distance, a copy of Horse and House magazine in her hand. After following Natasha into the Woolpack she overhears a conversation about the job at Home Farm. Will Faye soon reveal her intentions?

Elsewhere, Lexi (Sally Oliver) ropes in reluctant volunteers for her hen night while Jimmy (Nick Miles) makes plans for Carl’s (Tom Lister) stag do. Despite Carl’s express wishes, Jimmy asks Jake (James Baxter) to book them a stripper. Later, Jimmy jokes about what he’s got in store for his brother, but Carl is in a sour mood and clearly not looking forward to his stag night at all. Will Carl and Lexi’s vastly different attitudes to the wedding start to cause problems?


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