Episode 669

Thursday, 26 March 2009, 8:00PM on ITV1

PCs Sally Armstrong (Ali Bastian) and Millie Brown (Clare Foster) are called to a domestic disturbance where they find Larry Kemp (Brendan Mackey) throwing girlfriend Heather Brown’s (Lucy Brooks) belongings over a balcony, while their five-year-old daughter, Claire Kemp (Jade Pinner), looks on.

Larry tells the officers that Heather is an ex-heroin addict who he suspects is using again, as he found a bag of heroin on the doormat earlier that morning but Heather insists that someone must have put the drugs through the door. Later that day, a distraught Larry reports Claire missing from a park and insists that Heather has something to do with it. Sally and Millie are tasked with interviewing the local residents and when Millie sees homeless man Christopher (Oscar James), she decides he isn’t worth talking to. Elsewhere, Heather is arrested for attempted shoplifting and is genuinely shocked to hear the news about her daughter. If she doesn’t have Claire, who does?

Back at the station, officers go through CCTV images and are shocked to see Claire being led out of the park by Heather’s friend, Dawn Campbell (Amelia Lowdell) and her boyfriend, Omar. Elsewhere, Millie and Sally are instructed to find Christopher, who was seen in the background of the CCTV footage and Millie is overcome with guilt when he is found badly beaten – what does does he have to do with the missing child?

At the station, Heather is updated and finally confesses that it was Dawn who put the drugs through the letterbox: Heather owes her money and Dawn was pushing her to sell the drugs as payment. Larry later tells Sergeant Smith (Alex Walkinshaw) that Dawn has arranged to meet him and wants cash in exchange for Claire.

A sting is arranged and as Larry approaches Dawn, Sun Hill officers lie in wait. A desperate Larry quickly becomes aggressive when Dawn turns up without his daughter and officers are forced to intervene. Elsewhere, Omar’s car is traced and Sally smashes the window when she sees Claire’s jacket in the back seat, but there is no other sign of the little girl.


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