Episode 675

Thursday, 9 April 2009, 8:00PM on ITV1

Students pour through the gates of Deansgate School and newly appointed Safer Schools Officer, PC Nate Roberts (Ben Richards), takes the opportunity to talk to art teacher, Becky James (Naomi Ryan). Becky, busy trying to hurry everyone into class, leaves Nate to greet pupils Jimmy Ryan (Nathanael Baring), Kadisha Watts (Naomi J Lewis) and Kevin Jackson (David Barseghian). After making himself comfortable in his new office, Nate is interrupted by a terrified Kadisha who has found Kevin, collapsed in a corridor.

With Becky’s help, Nate attempts to bring him round and Becky is stunned by his suggestion that Kevin may have taken drugs. Nate is proved right when he finds ecstasy in Kevin’s pocket. After Kevin is taken to hospital, the headteacher gives permission for all pupils and their lockers to be searched and Nate is horrified when he finds a huge bag of ecstasy on Jimmy.

At Sun Hill, Jimmy is questioned, with his older brother Baxter (Joel Fry) as his appropriate adult. Jimmy tells DC Jo Masters (Sally Rogers) that he and Kevin found the bag of drugs while they were messing about near school. Jo, unconvinced by the story and suspicious of Baxter, checks his history and discovers that he is fresh out of prison for drug possession. Is Baxter forcing Jimmy to sell drugs at school?

Nate, having built up a relationship with him, talks to Jimmy and the teenager finally admits that Baxter owed local dealer, Chris Neame (Russell Anderson) money before he went to prison. As alternative payment, Neame asked Jimmy to stash his drugs and desperate to keep his family together, Jimmy agreed. He swears that Baxter has nothing to do with drug dealing anymore. As the investigation continues, it leads to Jimmy being taken into care and the teenager is inconsolable, blaming Nate for not keeping his promises. Nate starts to realise that many of the children at the school are facing huge problems each day and suddenly the enormity of his new role hits him.


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