Episode 8

Tuesday, 24 March 2009, 10:00PM on ITV3

Sheepdippers Shed Irene is being driven to distraction by Howard’s childishness and Karen’s irresponsible behaviours, She’s neglecting her new born baby Sabrina, and out clubbing every night. On HER Prison ship, Vera has found peace and contentment – and is looking forward to 15 years of analysis with the prison psychiatrist. But Howard is suffering without her – all his hair has fallen out. He tries a succession of exciting hats & wigs: the Kathy Kirby look is particular triumph.

The Free Vera Small fund-raiser goes well. Posh and Becks fail to show, but local journalist Nigel Norris (a particular close friend of Howie’s) brings along snooker champion Les Spatchcock. Irene appears to get on very well with him. Obstinately, Vera insists she’s rather stay in prison- -where she has started a literacy programme. Compared to life outside, life “inside” is full of interest. Vera is organising a production of Les Mis with her cell mates.

Irene- exhausted by life at Sheepdippers moves to Vera’s old house, evicting squatters drawn by the Vera’s reputation as an OAP drugs baron, and tacking the wilderness of mint with a flamethrower. But there’s grim news. The local authority is threatening to build a bypass right through Vera’s back garden. What with one thing and another it might be best if she DOES stay in prison. At last Vera is motivated to come out.



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