FM is ITV2's brand new sitcom, Episode 1 aired Wednesday 25th February on ITV2 (UK).

FM is set in a hip, cool radio station and a daily radio show with two very uncool deejays, played by Chris O’Dowd (The IT Crowd, Under The Blue Sky) and Kevin Bishop (The Kevin Bishop Show, Star Stories,). Nina Sosanya (Teachers, Love’s Labours Lost) plays the radio show’s producer, the series by written by Oliver Lansley and Ian Curtis.


Show host Lindsay Carol (O’Dowd) bumbles his way through each show with a mixture of cutting edge tunes and stories of his totally misguided personal life. Sharp and witty on-air, off-air he’s all at sea in the world of hip bands and celebrity and constantly upstaged by fellow radio host and cool urban DJ, Topher Kiepher (O-T Fagbenle). Lindsay Carol’s co-host, Dom Cox (Bishop) manages to piss off their music guests on a daily basis, usually through excessive partying, his tardy antics and his general inability to take his job seriously.

Each episode includes a live performance in the FM studio from the likes of The Charlatans, The Wombats , The Guillemots, Ladyhawke, The Subways and Sway; as well as celebrity guest appearances from Justin Hawkins, Marianne Faithfull, Toyah Wilcox, Jamie Theakston, Konnie Huq and Tim Westwood.


The central theme of the show is that Lindsay, desperately wants to be ‘cool’, and toward that aim, in Wednesdays night’s episode Lindsay got himself a gig as a club DJ by lying and making up the claim that he’s a in his own words a “Mixmaster” but as he can’t actually carry out this feat, he then makes it worse for him self but creating his own tag-line, “I’m the Right Honourable Lord Mixalot. But predictably turned out his ‘dj set’ on the night rather went very wrong. The back-story was that Lindsay was supplied with a pre mixed CD, which of course, during Lindsay’s set gets stuck and everyone knows he’s been faking it so he was made to look like a the uncool dj he is and always will be or will he eventually turn it all around?


If you missed it and want to catch up on FM you can see it on ITV’s iTVplayer also you can visit FM’s website for up to date info on the show, the guest stars and the cast.

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