I’ve Forgiven My Wife for Her Illicit Christmas Fling... But Is She a Serial Cheat? I Need a Lie Detector Test!

Weekdays at 10.45am

More real-life discussion all week. On Monday, a man worries that his wife has cheated on him.

On Tuesday’s show, ‘Denied All Rights As a Loving Grandmother… Let Me See Your Baby and Give Me Back My Money!’, a woman insists she has the right to see her grandchild.

On Wednesday, in ‘Who Stole My American Technicolor Coat? I Demand My Brother-in-Law Takes a Lie Detector’, a man suspects his brother- in-law of stealing his coat.

On Thursday, in ‘Has My Fiancée Had an Orgy and Got Free Cabs for Sex? The Wedding Is Off If I’m Engaged to a Cheat!’, a man has an ultimatum for his girlfriend.

And on Friday, in ‘I’m Not Your Mum’s Pimp – I Just Manage Her Money… She’ll Stop Prostitution When You Stop Scrounging’, a woman clashes with her mum’s partner.

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