March 27 2009

  • Justin is making little progress with his bike
  • Fernando gets spooked when he sees Zoe
  • Warren splits up with Sasha

Steph and Fernando

Steph has an idea that they should put together a fitness DVD, and Fernando agrees that it would be a brilliant thing for them to do.

Fernando isn’t too sure how they’d be able to sort it all out, but Steph tells Fernando to leave it to her, and she even has an idea as to who will be able to film it for them; Zoe.

Fernando is shocked when he sees Zoe as she reminds him so much of his ex-partner; he lets Steph know that he won’t be able to have Zoe shoot the video as the resemblance is just too much for him to handle.

Steph has to tell Zoe that her services are no longer required, and when no explanation is provided; Zoe is understandably angry that Steph has taken such a u-turn on the idea.


Justin spends some time working on the bike, and hopes that Hannah will show up later to give him a hand.

Later on, Ash shows up at the flat, and mocks Justin about the sorry state of his bike, and the fact that he’ll never have Hannah.

Sasha and Warren

Sasha goes to see Carmel at The Salon, and is angry when Carmel let’s it slip that it was her that told Calvin about Sasha seeing Warren.

Sasha speaks with Spencer about her relationship with Warren, and Spencer questions as to whether or not the two of them will ever get married.

When Warren returns home later that day, Spencer brings up the subject of marriage, much to Warren’s anger that the two of them have been discussing his relationship with Sasha.

Warren is further angered when Sasha brings up Louise’s name, and splits up with her when Sasha starts questioning as to what Warren would do if Louise were to turn up with his baby.

Spencer is upset that Warren has split up with Sasha as he really likes Sasha; Warren tells Spencer not to worry about it, and says that they’ll find him a new babysitter.

Nancy, Kris, and Ravi

Kris is upset that Nancy has finished with he and Ravi, and goes round to the flat to try and sort things out with her.

Ravi is in the process of moving out when he arrives, and in an attempt to convince Nancy to change her mind; he dumps Ravi in front of Nancy, but Nancy is still unwilling to take either of them back.

Later on, Kris turns up at The Loft, and apologises to Ravi for what he said earlier; Ravi seems to forgive him and the two of them leave together.

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