The World’s Oldest Conjoined Twins

Wednesday 18th March at 9:00pm on five

New Series

Five’s acclaimed documentary strand returns for a new run of programmes exploring some remarkable tales of human experience from across the globe. The series opens with the story of Ronnie and Donnie Galyon who, at 57 years old, are the oldest conjoined twins in the world. The cameras follow the brothers as they attempt to fulfil a lifelong dream of watching their favourite American football team play.

For nearly six decades, Ronnie and Donnie Galyon have been locked together in the same body. Joined from the base of the sternum down to the pelvis, the twins’ everyday life is full of co-operation and compromise, since even the simplest of tasks can pose a challenge. But having spent their lives facing each other, Ronnie and Donnie get through each day thanks to a well-rehearsed and specially choreographed routine.

They live on their own in Dayton, Ohio, but are heavily reliant on their younger brother Jim for help. “Jim has been a saint for Ronnie and Donnie,” explains Dr Glenn Kwiat, the family physician. “He’s their lifeline.” To ensure the twins live as normal a life as possible, Jim and his wife Mary regularly take them out for breakfast at a local diner. Here, Ronnie and Donnie are well known by the locals and can enjoy their food in peace. But with the twins’ health now declining, Jim wants to take them 800 miles away to help them fulfil a lifelong dream of watching the Dallas Cowboys play in Texas.

Despite sharing the same body, the twins have very different personalities. “They’re total opposites,” explains Jim. While Ronnie is happy-go-lucky, Donnie is more uptight, even stubborn, according to Jim. They both enjoy watching television, but do not like the same shows. Their disagreements often end in fights, but the pair would never dream of being separated. “We were born this way by God,” says Ronnie. “Let God separate us, not surgical knives.”

From the day they were born, the twins were bombarded with offers of work from fairs all over the USA. With nine children to support, their father, Wesley, made the difficult decision to take the twins on the road as a sideshow attraction. ButRonnie and Donnie loved life on the road. Their tours made them celebrities and brought them fame and fortune, with which they were able to support the rest of their family. “I’m proud of them for that,” says Jim.

In 1991, after three decades of work, the pair retired and moved into their first independent home. Despite being 39 at the time, the twins had never looked after themselves and needed a year of lessons from Jim to learn essential skills like cooking and housework. Over the last decade, however, the combination of weight gain and old age means that coping is becoming ever more difficult for the twins. “I think they feel somewhat trapped in that house,” says neighbour Scotty.

While they are still able to move, Jim is determined that his brothers will make it to their first football game. “This is a once in a lifetime thing,” he says. “They’re totally stoked.” When the time for the trip arrives, the twins are very excited. “Got up at 4 o’clock, had a shower and I’m ready to boogie!” says Donnie as he and his brother are helped into Jim’s specially adapted car.

Once away from their own neighbourhood, Ronnie and Donnie are attracting a lot of attention –but Jim is more worried about getting the twins onto the plane. However, he will not let a minor inconvenience like fitting onto the plane get in his way. “If all else fails, we’re driving to Dallas,” he says. Luckily, the airline crew have allowed the twins three seats in a row and they manage to make it safely to their destination. After an anxious wait to repair the special wheelchair that was damaged in transit, Jim, Mary, Ronnie and Donnie arrive at the stadium. But the brothers’ loyalty may yet be divided, with the twins supporting the Cowboys and Jim rooting for their opponents, the Bengal Tigers.

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