Britain's Got Talent: Show 3 2009

Last week a massive 13.5 million people tuned in to watch Shaheen Jafargholi and Julian Smith make it through to the next round of the talent competition. Almost 100 million people have now watched Susan Boyle’s first audition on You Tube and now Susan has set another record as her Facebook fan page becomes the fastest ever growing page on the Facebook site:

“Ms. Boyle has received a tremendous amount of support on her Facebook page, which has become the fastest growing on the site adding more than 1.5 million fans in the last nine days,” said Brandee Barker, Director of Communications for Facebook. “In just a few hours, over 100,000 people responded to a single status update and she has more than 120,000 total Wall posts from fans. People from all over the world — the U.S., U.K., Brazil, Croatia, Sudan, Malaysia, Argentina and more — have come together on Ms. Boyle’s Facebook page to share heartfelt praise, saying she is ‘amazing’ and ‘an inspiration,’ and calling her voice ‘angelic,’ ‘brilliant,’ and ‘outstanding.’”

The shows official website, ,continues to perform amazingly, delivering over 18m page impressions since launch, and over 9 million video views.

This week who can impress the Judges as they travel to London and Manchester? With the show open to any performer, of any age and background with any talent, all the acts have just one dream in common, they are all desperate to perform in front of Her Majesty the Queen at this year’s Royal Variety Performance, but first they need to get past the Judges, Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Piers Morgan and this week special guest judge, Kelly Brook and the dreaded buzzers. With Ant and Dec waiting in the wings, to congratulate the successful and console those who fail to impress the 2009 series has firmly kicked off.

The auditions start off in London..

But the audience think I’m tremendous….
First up to see the Judges is 49 year old nurse Claire Morton from London, Claire has been a nurse for 30 years and nothing makes her happier than when she is singing to her patients, “Sometimes a patient may ask you to sing to them and I think this helps them be a little brighter and cheerful.” Claire is hoping this will be the opportunity to take her voice from the wards of the hospital and on the Royal Variety stage and fulfil her dream of being number 1 in the charts. 

Claire has chosen to sing Fame, and as the music kicks in its not just her vocal talents on display it’s also her dance moves as Claire energetically throws herself around the stage with her own unique dance steps. And she seems so lost in the music she forgets the opening bar of the song, and then fails to sing the key lyric throughout her whole performance, the chorus of “fame”. Although the Judges look slightly bemused and embarrassed by her performance, the 4000 strong audience at Hammersmith Apollo are on their feet dancing along with her. 

Amanda applauds Claire for her “amazing guts and determination to stand there”, but advises that her act may need a “little more work” if she wants to impress the Royal Family. But Claire is not going to take the comments lying down and she is quick to point out that “well I did notice that the audience thought it was tremendous”, but Simon points out that “this is not the most discerning audience we have ever had”. 

It really isn’t looking good for Claire but will the love from the audience win the Judges over or is it back to the day job? 

Over to you Piers….
One act that does impress Simon and Amanda is Alexandria Craig. Who does acrobats in a large wheel, Piers, buzzes her early on into her act but Simon states that her act was “really impressive”, “oh come on moans Piers anyone could do that”. So Simon offers Piers £1k if he can get up on stage an attempt it. Piers, never one to turn down a challenge, strips off his jacket and proceeds onto the stage and gets in the wheel, but it soon becomes obvious it’s not that easy and he sheepishly sits back down admitting, “ok it’s not as easy as it looks”. 

Kelly Joins the Judging panel in Manchester
As the auditions move to Manchester the Judges are joined by special guest, TV beauty Kelly Brook. This means there is some changes for the talent in Manchester, rather than the two yes’s normally needed, the acts now have to impress the panel enough to get 3 yes’s in order to move through to the next round.

A little girl with a big dream
Last year George Sampson was discovered by the Judges in Manchester and he seems to have inspired young people everywhere to chase their dreams, including the next act 10 year old Hollie Steel from Accrington. Hollie’s Mum and Dad both work for the NHS and Hollie’s dream of performing on stage is a million miles away from their normal life in Accrington. As Dad explains “I am so proud every time she performs, there’s no doubt about it”. With Mum and Dad in the wings, can Hollie prove she has just as much talent as George did? 

Dressed in her lilac tutu the tiny little tot starts her ballet routine to I Could Have Danced All Night from My Fair Lady. Simon however looks unimpressed and is just about to hit his buzzer when Hollie starts singing and Simon’s draw drops to the desk. The crowd are on their feet, Kelly looks on the verge of tears, and Amanda is singing along, proclaiming “it was like looking in the mirror!!”. Piers comments that “we have seen a lot of children on our show over the last three series and I have never heard any of them sing as well as you do”. With comments like that it looks like Hollie’s future is in on the up, but with Simon proclaiming “I didn’t like what you were wearing you looked like any other little girl wanting to be a ballerina and I wasn’t crazy about the song” will she get the three yes’s she needs? 

You say Britain I say Talent, Britain’s Got Talent it’s DJ Talent…….

Next in to see the Judges, and hoping to be the first rapper to appear on the Royal Variety is 30 year old Anthony Ghosh Aka DJ Talent. By night he trains hard to be a world class DJ, by day he works for his dad’s engineering firm. 
Walking on stage he gives the Judges a flash of his gold teeth – DJ Talent, as he explains to the Judges has spent £7k on his 28 gold teeth, which he “got a special deal on”…. 

DJ Talent is here to perform his track, which as he explains, has a good hook for the show, the chorus is “You say Britain I say Talent, Britain’s Got Talent its DJ Talent”. 
As the track kicks in and DJ Talent starts singing it’s not long before all the audience are joining in with the chorus and even Ant And Dec are dancing and singing along.

With Piers proclaiming “I was feeling you bro” and even Simon admitting that, “I thought it was horrific but I got to know the chorus in about 30 seconds, and it could in its own horrible way become a hit.” Could DJ Talent be one step closer to the Royal Variety? But before he leaves the stage DJ Talent has one last mission, “Kelly I’d like to take you out on a date sometime, would you like dinner Kelly Brook”. To which Simon instantly accepts on her behalf, leaving DJ Talent to promise Kelly “a nice salad and bit of chicken”, I’m sure she’s had worse offers!

Piers almost kills an act

Hoping not to hear any buzzers is 62 year old retired swimming pool manager Mike Henderson. As Mike explains to Ant and Dec, his very dangerous act, “I handstand on knives and I’ve got another knife inverted, pointing upwards towards the throat, if the buzzers goes at the wrong time I really could hurt myself”.

Mike looks wobbly but gets up in a handstand balanced on the knives, just as it looks like his arms are wobbling too much and he may fall Piers hits his buzzer and Mike falls direct into the path of the knife, Kelly screams, Amanda runs away from the desk and Simon recoils in shock, has Piers’ mistimed buzz resulted in the first injury on stage, or is Mike a pro and taking it all in his stride? 

The next Lilly Savage?

The next act is 46 year old Daniel Kahn, otherwise known as Tia Anna. Tia Anna is an ex fork lift truck driver turned drag act, who is here to show he is not any normal drag act that mimes along to tracks, his real forte is his “live singing”.

Dan has been practising non stop hoping to follow in the steps of other great female impersonators who have appeared on the Royal Variety in the past including, Danny Leroux, Dame Edna Everage and Lilly Savage. As Dan explains “I have put in hours and hours of world for what will be just 3 or 4 minutes, every hour is going to count”. 

Singing Mariah Carey’s classic hit Without You it is not long before the audience are all chanting “off off off”, as Tia Anna manages to murder every note she hits. But by the time Tia Anna gets to the high note the audience have turned and rather than chanting they are swaying along to the track. And it looks like Kelly is enjoying it as despite all the Judges buzzing early on, Kelly holds back on buzzing as she’s loving Tia Anna’s rendition…. But Amanda describes the act as “pants” and Simon says “it’s a resounding no” but with Piers and Kelly thoroughly entertained, will Tia Anna be good enough to follow in the footsteps of her Lily Savage and her other drag act idols? 

An act to take on Flawless?
Back in London 

So far this year the Judges have been really impressed with the quality of the dance acts, with Flawless in week 1 setting a really high level of standard. And next in to see the Judges are 11 guys aged 12 – 25 who think they have what it takes to take on Flawless in the dance challenge, Diversity.

Diversity are from London and Essex and the group is made up of 3 sets of brothers and 4 friends. Some of the guys are still at school or studying at university but some of the older members have normal 9 – 5 jobs, including an IT systems engineer, A bathroom installer and tele sales, but every spare moment they have together is spent dancing. 

Group leader Ashley, a Physics student, explains how he took on the role as leader and choreographer, “from the age of 14 I started to teach myself routines and since then I’ve taken on the role of choreographer”. 

Diversity’s performance is electrifying and the whole theatre is on its feet and all three judges look really impressed with Amanda saying, “This show is just brilliant because just when I think I have seen it all and nothing could get any better then you came on.” Piers describes the choreography as “genius” and states that they are “right up there with the best of the dancers we have seen”. 

With Diversity blowing the Judges away it looks like a street dance battle is on the cards between them and Flawless, but both acts will have to wait until the Judges deliberation to see if they are both good enough to get through to the live shows.

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