Thursday, 23 April 2009, 9:00PM on ITV2

The family have only just arrived in LA and are just getting settled into the their mansion in Malibu. Their first priority is to settle Harvey into a new school as it’s important that he feels comfortable in order for the family to stay in America. 

They set off for the Junior Blind school, as they have heard a lot about it, and when they arrive, followed by the usual photographers, it soon becomes apparent that this is the place for Harvey. 

It’s the next day, and whilst Harvey heads off to his new school, Katie and Pete have errands to run; they couldn’t bring any toys over from the UK so to help the kids settle in, they have decided to go toy shopping and after an ambush from the photographers, they manage, with some difficulty, to pack a whole loads of toys into just one car. 

Katie heads for home, tackling driving for the first time, without Peter, in America but soon starts having car trouble. Sister Sophie informs Katie that they have a flat tyre and the girls panic and when they become desperate, they ask a policeman who informs them that actually it’s totally fine, much to Katie’s embarrassment! 

On the other side of LA, Peter’s not done with the shopping and has decided to rent a new car, and although he intended to get a four-seater for all the family, he is distracted by the sports cars and although Katie gets winds of this and berates him for being selfish, he drives off with the convertible. 

A new day and Katie, Peter and Sophie have to do their marathon training. It’s a huge leap in distance and all is going well until Katie has to pull up in agony. Gutted at having to give up before the finish, she meets up with Peter who gives the waiting photographers an eyeful of his super toned frame. 

Back at the house, Katie and Peter are handing out all the toys they bought yesterday to the tears and tantrums of the youngest two. 

Later, Katie takes Peter’s sports car for a spin and, once out and about, has car trouble again when she notices she’s nearly out of petrol and has to stop and ask the trail of photographers on her tail to help her get there and once there, she even makes them help with the pump. 

When she finally returns, it’s a get together and the family sit down and have the first barbeque in the Malibu mansion. 

It’s nearly the end of the first week and Katie heads off on the school run with Harvey, whilst Peter manages to cram Junior, Princess and two cars seats into the sports car. 

After dropping off Harvey and getting photographed as she visits the foot clinic, Katie then heads to the stables. Katie is having her horse flown over so she can ride whilst she is in LA. 

As Katie looks around, Peter has headed into the studio for his first day back finishing the album and he’s excited to get going; he loves the music he’s working on and feels that it’s all starting to come together.


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