I Need a DNA Test... Is My Wife Also My Cousin?

Weekdays at 10.45am

More real-life discussion this week with a chance to catch some classic episodes from the ‘Trisha Goddard’ archives.

On Monday, a woman suspects she may be married to her cousin.

On Tuesday’s show, ‘My Future Mother-in-Law Wants to Stop My Wedding… My Fiancé Must Choose – It’s Me or His Mother!’, a woman is accused of cheating on her partner.

On Wednesday, in ‘We’re Here to Share Our Man Training Tricks… Use These Tips to Whip Your Man into Shape’, a woman claims she is married to Britain’s laziest man.

On Thursday, in ‘I Was Told Dad Abandoned Me to Avoid Paying Maintenance… I Need to Find Him to Hear the Truth’, a woman is reunited with her father for the first time in 15 years.

And on Friday, in ‘Police Caught My Brother Naked on the Street… His Shameful Behaviour Is Killing Our Mother’, a man claims his brother’s drinking is spiralling out of control.

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