My Daughter Came Back Gay from the USA – Now I Refuse to Attend Her Lesbian Wedding!

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More real-life discussion all week.

On Monday, a woman confronts her daughter about her sexuality.

On Tuesday’s show, ‘I Put You Up While You Had a New Kitchen Fitted… You Repay Me by Upsetting My Girl on National TV’, the respective mothers of an engaged couple clash.

Wednesday’s instalment is ‘I Was a Career Criminal and Spent 20 Years Inside… Now I Want to Save Young Kids from a Life of Crime’. A reformed criminal wants to help his community.

On Thursday, in ‘My Sister Invited Three Men into My Home – She Was Supposed to Be Babysitting My Child!’, a woman wants her sister to change her ways.

And on Friday, in ‘You’re So Angry You Head- Butted Our Bedroom Door… Stop the Violence or I’ll Leave You and Take My Daughter’, a woman confronts her violent partner.

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