Simon Burke

Dear Simon,  I just saw the “Banged Up Abroad” about you and my husband and I immediately got out our laptops to see if we could find out anything further on-line.  My search led me here and if I’m doing things correctly it looks as though you’ve been allowed to go home.  I pray this is true because you appear to be a solid person who never deserved what happened to you.  Just know that there are many people out here who are thinking of you and want so badly to help Please let me know if you there is anything further that needs to be done.  Be well.  Peace.   NancyJ


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  • Sinead Ireland

    Last night I saw banged up abroad and Im here still thinking of Simon I just cant believe a so called freind would do that. Simon you seem like a lovely person and I hope your free by now anyone with further information please post on this.

  • Anonymous

    Simon was only free to return to the UK about 4 weeks ago you can speak to him Via Facebook he is a wonderful man and i wish him every luck in the world for what he has been through

  • mazzie123

    i just watched the story about simon burke and the horrendous life-changing things that have happened to him, and I cried and cried as I watched the injustice.

    I hope you are home and able to piece together your life simon, and that you go on to have some happiness- and not let this damage you for the rest of your life

    love from maz in australia

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