Where has all the drama gone?

I don’t know about you but I am certainly finding that there is not much worth watching on TV now.  In particular there is a shortage of drama programmes.  Besides the odd American import such as The Mentalist, CSI or Heroes the telly doesn’t have much to offer these days.

Certainly in the primetime slot of 8pm home grown drama seems to be limited to the soaps – be they nightly versions such as Eastenders and Hollyoaks or weekly versions such as Casualty and Waterloo Rd.  Otherwise the terrestrial broadcasters are offering reality TV (like 10 Years Younger) or informative programmes (like The Gadget Show). Both of which are much cheaper to make than quality dramatic productions.

True, many of the better drama shows don’t start till after the watershed. But even the dramatic offerings after 9pm are meagre at best.  There are a few things on the BBC such as the new All the Small Things, but not much else.  At the moment the only British-made drama programme I make a point of trying to watch is ITV’s Lewis, which is primarily due to the locations and acting.  

As the recession bites and budgets are cut, will broadcasters increasing fill our TV screen with cheap TV instead of well written and produced dramatic productions using talented actors?  I certainly hope that this isn’t the future for British TV.  But if the dire predictions for the future of ITV and Channel 4 (following the loss of advertising revenue) are to be believed, it looks like quality TV may be in for a tough time.  Even the BBC seems to be a bit short on ideas and enticing programmes at the moment.

I hope this dearth of engaging programmes it just a blip as the broadcasters settle into the spring schedule but fear that it may be the sign of things to come.

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